Did Bill Gates and Oprah use up all the money?

Oh my gosh, I used up the heat. Oh dear, I used up the last of the air conditioning. Honey, you breathed all the air, now it’s all gone.

We don’t say those statements. Heat just is. You can’t use it up. The car heater or home furnace may malfunction and the air conditioning unit may go on the fritz, but the “things” of heat and cool just are and cannot be exhausted.

We cannot exhaust the supply of air. There may be air quality issues in some locations, but the fact that you inhale air all day long never crosses your mind. You never monitor your daily intake of oxygen, in fear that you used more than your share.

Think about love. Is there a supply of love that can run out? Do we get a quota at birth? Is it rationed out?

Love just is.

I had a baby. I loved him beyond anything I had ever known. I had a second baby. Did I tell him, “Sorry, I gave all my love already, there is none for you”? Of course not.

Love just expands. A mother of one or a mother of ten has love for everyone. There are no units doled out and once it’s gone, it’s gone. People who have remarried know that love is amazing the next time around too.

If you break up with your lover, you may fret about finding a new mate, but you don’t fret that the world ran out of love and you will never have any more ever again.

If I love 101 people, you can only love 99 people because I took an extra unit of love from the heap. That’s silly, right?

I can love a million people and you can love a million people. My loves do not diminish your love. We all can love. The world will never run out of love.

When it comes to money, do you think the same way? Most people don’t. When it comes to money, people get all tangled up in fears and worries, instead of believing in the abundance available to all.

The world will never run out of money. (Let’s not talk about Greece or Spain here.) Stay with me. I can make a million dollars. You can make a million dollars. My million does not affect yours. There is no allotment. There is no universal banker keeping tick marks.

When Bill Gates made a million bucks, we didn’t say, “Dang him, now there’s no money left for me!” Bill can make millions, Warren Buffet can make millions, Donald Trump can make millions. There’s still money. The world didn’t run out of money.

Wealth is like air or love. There is enough for everyone.

We tend to think that wealth is only for some people, other people. Why not start to think that wealth can be for all, just like love or breathing.

I can fall in love, breathe the air, and make oodles and gobs of money. It does not take away from your ability to fall in love, breathe the air, and make oodles and gobs of money. There is love, air, and money for all.

There is enough for everyone.

If I am happy, that does not mean you have to be sad. It’s not like we count off by two’s and the ones get to be happy and the twos are miserable. Happiness is limitless. So is wealth. It’s available for all.

It may take some time to wrap your brain around this thought. Let it simmer. Let me know your thoughts.

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is a writer/speaker/listener and life coach. For speaking engagements or to work with Kelly, write info@kellyepperson.com or call toll free 888-637-3563. Get the free ebook “7 Steps to Being Happy Right Now” at www. kellyepperson.com.)