What I did on summer vacation

It’s been quite the summer, and yes, it went quickly.

Boy Wonder #1 only came home for about six weeks. He’s back in Arizona, back to school, back to forging his own life. Boy Wonder #2 worked most of the summer and spent a lot of time with his beloved pals as this was their last summer before dispersing to colleges all across the country.

As they experience their growth, I did the same. Prince Charming made sure we had plenty of adventures. For some things, we stayed close to home. We took a stained glass workshop and spent an entire day creating one small project. My already-existing appreciation for stained glass artists has now escalated one billon percent.

We also went to Chicago for a glass blowing class. Beginners don’t actually blow glass. We start with paper weights. Again, my appreciation for what goes into making a small, seemingly simple, piece of glass has now expanded exponentially.

Do I want to pursue more glass stuff? Probably not. I’ve learned my personality type is that of experience junkie. The thrill of learning and/or doing something new excites me. Prince Charming understands this and keeps the experiences coming.

We also did several outdoor adventures. We went zip lining. We borrowed a motorcycle for a day. We went to Lake Geneva and rented a speed boat for an afternoon. We took a road trip around the Great Lakes. One week of pure unplugged bliss.

We went hang gliding. I can fly! It was a rush as the tug plane towing us took off and we were airborne. I felt safe in my cocoon harness atop the instructor. As we ascended and the ground became smaller and smaller, I found myself laughing out loud.

When we reached 2,000 feet, I was given the signal to hit the release lever, and we were on our own. Nothing but wind as the guiding force. Hang gliding is simple in that you use your body weight to steer. If I could have a tug pilot take me up, I could fly around on my own. Well, not really. It takes a lot of training. And I have no idea how to land.

The instructor talked about air thermals and altitudes, but I just enjoyed soaring. I trusted him to get us back to the ground safely.

He explained that for new students wanting to be pilots (I was just out for a joy ride) the biggest hurdle they need to get over is to simply relax. Be loose and let intuition be your guide.

Isn’t that the way with all things in life?

If we can just get over ourselves, just relax, be loose and breathe, life is so much easier. If only we could constantly remember to let our inner voice be the guide. It never steers us wrong.

As you read this, I’m in Alaska, on our Joy Cruise. That marks the official end of summer, but the adventures continue. All of life, every day, is a simple adventure. Find something that makes your spirit soar. Let yourself have spaghetti arms. Don’t clench. Relax. Breathe. You just might learn that you can fly.

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