Your Skin: Dull, Streaked and Flaky

Tightness, burning, redness, flaking. Your makeup streaks and doesn’t blend as easily. Your lip color bleeds outside of your lip line. When you look in the mirror wrinkles are deeper and fine lines appear out of nowhere. Even your eyelids and the skin around them begin to crinkle. Your face looks dull! You go out and purchase the most expensive moisturizer your credit card can swipe. You carefully open the elegant box and delicately turn the lid. The lady at the counter told you the size of a dime is all you need to eliminate all of your problems. Yet, it feels so good and the results so instant certainly using more will alleviate all these symptoms even faster. Right? You go to bed happy only to see the same problems return the next day. What’s going on?

Lack of humidity in the air literally pulled all the moisture out of your skin. You can slather on moisturizer several times a day and you’ll still only get a temporary fix. You’ve even consumed several gallons of water in the last hour yet nothing works.

Physiology lesson:

Think of your skin as a brick wall. All of your skin cells are little bricks. At the bottom of this wall all the bricks are alive, plump and juicy with water and nutrients. Our body’s natural process is for these bricks to make new bricks by dividing in half (mitosis) then pushing the old bricks up to the surface. You now have layers upon layers of useless skin cells which is what makes your skin look dull. To the naked eye we see flakes piling up which causes our makeup to streak and sometimes look darker in areas. Your skin will absorb anything it needs so these bricks love to plump themselves up againby absorbing what they crave. Your expensive moisturizer. Remember, you no longer have use for these bricks because they are dead.

So now what are you supposed to do? Easy. It’s just like the shoes or purse you splurged on. First, you need to dust off all the debris before you condition and protect them for winter. Stay tuned.

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