Add Some Sparkle To Your Life

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and celebrations. It’s also time to liven up your makeup with a little sparkle. Before you head out to purchase a new product promising to add that glow why not check your makeup bag or drawer to see if you can come up with something yourself.

Do you have an old frosty eyeshadow you stopped wearing a while back because you thought it made your eyes look crepy or dry? Now’s the time to get your money’s worth by using it to enhance what you already have.

If you don’t wear foundation you can add a little to your moisturizer or liquid makeup for an all over glow. To highlight cheekbones lightly dip your blush brush into the shadow and apply over your regular powder, on top of your cheekbone, but avoid bringing it too close to the thinner skin around your eyes. Apply a bit to your forehead, bridge of your nose and chin. Low cut blouse or dress? Use a large fluffy brush and swoop across your shoulders and cleavage. Have someone apply it to your back. I love adding it to my hair. Brighten your smile by lightly dabbing to the center of your lips.

Keep in mind adding sparkle and highlights enhances wrinkles and dry skin. Try to avoid these areas and just stick to the décolleté area, arms, back and hair.

The sparkle you’re using most likely comes from a natural substance called mica giving products its glitter. Applying products containing this ingredient also allows your skin to reflect light and this includes the flash from a camera. Unless you want to stand out like a lit up Christmas tree in pictures always remember a little dab will do you.

If you think you’ve applied too much, dust a bit of loose powder on top to tone it down and take a picture of yourself before you head out the door.  Have a good time, celebrate and don’t forget your red lipstick.

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