Be Thankful for Frequent Bowel Movements

What and how we eat affects our digestive system and in turn further affects our overall health. Ideally one should eliminate three times a day, assuming the person eats three meals a day. Once food is ingested it should not be in the system for more than about 18 hours on average otherwise the food begins to rot, ferment, and putrefy which in turn creates a number of health related problems. Eating a diet of unhealthy cooked and processed foods on a regular basis causes people to become backed up, toxic, and experience low energy. The body becomes a place for toxicity and a base for bacteria to proliferate. Most constipated people try to alleviate some of the discomfort by using toxic acidic drugs and/or laxatives. Over 725 million dollars a year are spent on laxatives alone and the more one takes and/or frequents the use of laxatives the body quickly adapts and the laxative no longer alleviates the problem.

An excess of acidity in the body can damage our tissues, organs and cause our bones to release its minerals to neutralize the acids from the cooked acidic foods we ingest. Over a period of time we become deficient in minerals, our cells are polluted, the immune system weakens, the blood becomes toxic and thickens, the lymphatic system becomes sluggish and this is why we end up feeling tired, sluggish, exhausted, congested, unhealthy and overweight. Acidic foods contribute to illness and cause constipation and some of these culprits are: meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, junk food, soda, coffee, pasteurized juices, bread, pasta, muffins, cereals, eggs, alcohol, smoking, artificial sweeteners.

Raw, vegan, organic and alkaline foods promote a healthy digestive tract and include: whole fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, water, sprouted grains, green sprouts and fibre. Eating a diet rich in these foods promotes a “quick” elimination process and does not stink but may have a natural or almost earthy odor whereas an acidic diet typically averages an elimination time of several minutes to ten minutes and is also rather odiferous. Exercise also alleviates constipation.

Note, the shape of your poop is also an indicator of your health. Ideally you want a something that may assimilate soft serve ice cream, that is to stay, something that is light brown, well shaped, easy to pass, and floats. Anything else that smells foul and wretched, is dark in color or too light, sinks, is in pebble or rock form, hard to pass due to diameter, thick and built, requires strain, or is liquid/diarrhea form all indicate an imbalance in your diet and/or system. Detecting something early can save your life and is much more important than preserving your pride, don’t you think?

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