Classy and Fabulous

Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things. Classy and fabulous.” Let that be your guiding principle for the new year. Start now.

Classy and fabulous is in the eye of the beholder, of course. What does it take for YOU to feel classy and fab? It starts from the inside out. It’s your inner confidence, how you carry yourself in the world. If you are hiding under sloppy, oversized sweatshirts, you probably don’t feel too fabulous, do you?

Start with your underwear. I have written many articles on the importance of wearing nice undergarments to boost your outer confidence. It’s time for refresher course.

Ladies, be ruthless. Attack the dresser drawers as if Coco Chanel herself were coming to inspect your lacy pretties. And if you don’t have any lacy pretties, why not? Not your style, or do you not think you’re worth it to have something nice just for you?

I teach my joy clients to honor themselves and it starts with decent underwear. If something has holes, is ripped or stained, trash it. NOW. If something is uncomfortable and you feel the tug-tug-tug happening all day long, trash it. Take five minutes right now and do a quick purge of the underwear drawer.

From here forward, if you put on a pair of panties and they do not feel good, take them off immediately. Say thanks and goodbye, and put them in the garbage. If you take a quick inventory and come up wanting, you now know what is on your holiday list for yourself.

Bras, underwear, socks, and pantyhose all should fit and feel good. This is not a fashion model contest and no one but you decides what is classy and fabulous for you. The only question to ask is: Does this feel good on my skin and do I feel good wearing it?

Those bra straps that drive you nuts every time you wear that one – toss. The pantyhose or tights that have snags or runs – toss. Any pantyhose or tights that are a major struggle to put on – toss.

Getting dressed in the morning is how you start your day. Your goal is to start off smoothly and ease into the day feeling what? Classy and fabulous.

This is no small undertaking. Heed this advice and you will notice a change in you. How you treat yourself is how others will follow suit. If you don’t see yourself as worthy of nice undies, how do you see yourself?