Why I Love Pink

Why I Love PINK

I’ve always loved the color pink, in all its various hues. My teenage girl bedroom was hot pink. My first starter home bathroom was romantic soft pink complete with roses and lace. My toenails are a purpley-pink.

Shocking pink. Victorian pink. Sparkly pink. Pink walls. Pink toenails. Pink lips. Pink paper. Pink pens. Many shades, many uses, lots of love.

It’s not just the color pink that I adore; I dig Pink the singer too.

What I love about her, Alecia Moore who became known to the world as Pink, is her simultaneous toughness and vulnerability. She is bold and she is not afraid to cry. She might drink, swear, and pack a mean punch, yet she has a soft searching side. She doesn’t apologize for who she is. I respect that.

The clip of Pink with tears streaming down her cheeks when she first met Dick Clark endeared her to me. Dreams coming true still make a girl cry, even a tough chick.

Her music in the beginning of her career didn’t get my notice. I wasn’t getting any party started except for my kids and their grade school pals. I met Pink in 2006, in a hotel room in Europe on German MTV. The video was “Who Knew” and her voice and look and portrayal mesmerized me. I’ve been a fan ever since.

I like her rawness, her openness, her putting herself out there.  Her songs are to the bone honest and when she wants to, Pink belts it out with the best of the power ballad divas. She can be brash and have a potty mouth, and she can wear her heart on her sleeve like nobody’s business.

Pink continues to push herself artistically. Her latest performance on the AMA awards was the talked-about highlight of the night. The song and its choreography were slow and dramatic; her ability as a dancer and acrobat is Broadway-worthy.

That’s the gist of it for me: She inspires me.

She is still, always, exorcising her demons, as she says, and she continues to barrel through her fears. Pink tries to top herself with that being the goal, showing herself that she can exceed her own expectations. When is the last time you pushed yourself or wowed yourself?

I’ve seen footage of her live shows and she goes all out. I’m a ticket holder for her upcoming tour and I expect big production numbers with lots of costumes, antics, style, and dazzling numbers. I have high expectations. I am confident she’ll come through.

Who inspires you and why? Do you like someone’s style? What is it that grabs you?

What about you? What do you want for yourself? Do you have standards for yourself? Do you have goals? Dreams? Do you do new things? Do you let yourself be vulnerable? Do you let yourself be bold? Do you have confidence you’ll come through?

What is that you desire for this coming year? Get out an index card and write it down. In ink. “Write that book.” “Run a 5K.” “Start my business.” “Say yes.”

Dreams do come true. They also require a little effort on your part. Set some high expectations for yourself and have confidence that you will wow yourself. Take one action today. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get this party started.

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