Being silly is good for the soul and makes the day better.

What have you done today that made you laugh? Anything? Have your smiled at yourself at all? Why not? What or who are you saving it for?

I crack myself up sometimes. Maybe it’s too much time alone working from home, but there are days when I write a killer sentence and I jump up out of my chair, run to the bathroom and say: “Damn, I’m good!” Then I smile and laugh at myself for bragging and talking to myself.

There are times when I dance around in front of the mirror. There are times I belt out power ballads with my imaginary microphone. Imaginary band and backup dancers are there too.

Do you ever do the mock cooking show when you are home alone? Do you chat with the camera and the folks out there in TV land as you chop and dice and simmer and stir? Do you talk about butter in your best Paula Deen accent?

Do you ever talk back to the television or radio? Do you use different voices and say things that amuse yourself? When I say talk back, I mean as in conversation, not in anger. Use your power for goodwill, not complaining. Sure, I know fellas who yell at the TV during sporting events but that is not exactly a fun way to cut stress. We want to reduce our blood pressure by being a little silly.

When you drive in your car, do you sing out loud? Do you stop when you come to the stoplight and others might see you? Why? Would what happen? Would they laugh? Isn’t that okay? Think about it. Whenever I see someone jamming to his tunes it makes me grin. I have conducted the unseen orchestra in my car and I know the folks next to me thought I was a little kooky but it made them smile.

Inject a bit of whimsy into your day, whether you spend it alone or with others. Be yourself, your silly self. See what kind of chain reaction occurs.

When I have a good call or get a new client or some new opportunity comes along, I shake my tail feather in my office and skip around chanting “I love my life” in a singsong voice. It makes me feel good. Feeling good begets more feeling good. You’ll notice that too, in whatever way you feel good.

Simply relax and allow yourself to be playful. Do I have the talent to sing or dance professionally? Nope. I am not auditioning for anyone but me. There is no panel of judges giving me nice platitudes or mean advice. I have no desire to cook in front of others. I have no real desire to cook at all. Most of the time my lunch is leftovers or a microwave meal. I plate it nicely and say out loud, “What a lovely meal.” I toast myself and the day and open a magazine to be my lunchtime companion. It makes me happy.

What makes you happy? What makes you smile? Let it come out to play every once in a while and see if you start feeling a lighter. My bet is that you will. Let me know and we can do a happy dance together.

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/coach. Get Kelly’s free ebook “7 Ways to Happy Right Now” at www.joybeyondyourdreams.com.)