“I was dazzled.” Walking down 46th Street back to the Paramount Hotel, I smiled at the sign proclaiming my thoughts.  I took a picture to help me remember the moment.

“I was dazzled” was an ad for a Broadway show. For me, it was an observation of my thrill to be strolling the streets of New York.

There is something magical about the city that doesn’t sleep. The bright lights have their allure, and I enjoy people watching. People come from all over the world to snap photos of the neon lights of Times Square.

The December weather was unseasonably warm. I wandered without blustery winds or even the need for gloves or scarf. Folks were skating beneath the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and there  really was laughter and good cheer.

I noticed the lines outside Radio City Music Hall and ventured over for a ticket. I was ushered to the head of the line and got my seat just as the curtain rose. Thirty pair of legs greeted me. As a former pom pom girl, I appreciate a good kick line.

They’ve been kicking it up for 85 years and their precision was perfect. The theater was beautiful. Taking in the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular was a bucket list item I didn’t realize I’d had. It was a perfect feel-good New York moment.

Being in the right place at the right time always feels good. A prior trip to New York several years ago landed me seats in the David Letterman show and my photo with Rupert at the Hello Deli. I took in Billy Eliot and New Yorkers assisted me when I missed my subway stop.

I’ve had many travels and many occasions of being in the right place at the right time, and folks providing assistance. Big city, small town, people are people. There are jerks and there are helpful, patient people too.

Big cities are made up of people who come from all over. My shuttle driver to the hotel was raised in Illinois very near my college stomping grounds. My bartender was from the Midwest and my biz coach (the reason I was in NYC) is from the Midwest too.

I’ve been able to see many wonderful places around the world and US, and have been delighted and dazzled. The trips and tales ahead are still to unfold and I know they will do the same.

Life, and being a tourist, is what we make it. I like to wander and have fun. Right now, as I lay me down to sleep, if I die before I wake, I’m thinking an appropriate message for my tombstone would be: I was dazzled.



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