A deal is a deal is a deal. Deal?

A deal is a deal. We’ve all heard that phrase. It means essentially that if you agree to something you follow through on your promise. You do what you said you would do and the other person does the same. “We made a deal and we stick to it.”

When is a deal not a deal? There are lots of definitions of “deal.” Deal is a verb when you are playing cards. You deal the cards to all the players. It’s also a noun. “I got a bad deal. I want new cards.” And what does the dealer say: “A deal is a deal. Play the hand you’re dealt.”

A deal is also a bargain. We all want the best deals when it comes to what we pay for stuff. People are excited to share when they get a good deal on a car, a computer, or any big ticket item. Even low ticket items too. Look at all the dollar stores in town. One is even called Deals.

A deal is a transaction. We usually give it the meaning of being a good deal unless we say it’s not. “I got a deal on that!” Sure. We think that’s good. “I got a bad deal on that!” Oh, that’s too bad.

Deal is also a quantity reference, usually a large amount. “I need a great deal of support if I am going to win this election.” We usually don’t say: I need a deal of support; we put the quantifier “great” with it.

Someone who makes transactions is called a dealer. Not just in cards. Someone deals in antiques perhaps. We all have heard of drug dealers. Are they making good deals? Do they have a great deal of deals in any given day?

We also take action when we deal. If you have water in your basement, you have to deal with it. If you have an issue with your boss at work, you have to deal with it. Deal means to do something, not just put up with it.

Have you ever been told point blank: “Deal with it”? If so, that person is telling you to buck up and face the problem. When we deal with it, we do not ignore it.

I remember when I was younger and if someone seem arrogant to me, I would say: He sure thinks he is a big deal.

Deal also means to occupy oneself with or in. For example, botany deals with the study of plants.  Raising kids means you have deal with all kinds of issues.

A deal can be an agreement, a pact, a pledge. A deal can be a contract, an agreement. A deal can be a compromise. A deal can be a transaction. A deal can be an understanding. A deal is a hand, an opportunity, a round.

So, a deal is a bargain, a barter, a bicker. When you deal, you also do those things and you dicker. You swap, sell, trade, negotiate. You work out a deal. You hammer out a deal.

When you deal with, you consider, control, discuss and direct.You oversee. You handle it. You take care of it.

So, a deal is a deal. Yep. And after reading all this, I know what you’re thinking. “Big deal.”

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/coach. Get Kelly’s free ebook “7 Steps to Happy Right Now” at www.joybeyondyourdreams.com.)