The big little word BE

Have you ever noticed the power of tiny words? One word that is on my lips frequently is the wonderful nugget BE.

Look at the inspirational quotes, magnets, and plaques that abound this time of year. As we enter into a new year (unless of course the Mayans were right), many folks contemplate what they want to BE in the new year.

I want to BE happy. I want to BE fit. I want to BE wealthy. I want BE in a new home. I want to BE in a good relationship. I want to BE at a great job. I want to BE at the beach. I want to BE with my grandchildren. I want to BE independent. I want to BE free. I want to BE confident. I want to BE lively. I want to BE bold. I want to BE backstage with Bon Jovi.

I hear many statements from my clients and most include that word BE.

What do all the phrases we post on our walls and fridges say: BE happy. BE creative. Be thankful. BE nice to everyone you meet. BE grateful everyday. BE true to who you are. BE in this moment. BE the change you wish to see in the world.


Be is a verb. That means it is something you DO. The origins of the word BE: “Middle English, from Old English bēon; akin to Old High German bim am, Latin fui I have been, futurus about to be, fieri to become, be done, Greek phynai to be born, be by nature.”

About to BE. To BEcome. To BE born. BE by nature. If you want to BE happy, then do it.  Become it. Let it BE your nature. If you want to BE bold, then do it. Become it. Let it be your nature.

BE is defined as “to equal in meaning.” Be happy. The be is equal in meaning to the happy. Thus to be happy, you are happy. Maybe I can say it another way: What you be, is what you is.

If you want to be in a good relationship, get out of the bad one or make it good. If you want to be in a good job, get out of the bad one or make this one good. Be requires do.

Synonyms for BE are breathe, exist, live.

I breathe happy. I exist happy. I live happy. That’s how you get to the state of being. Are you with me?

If you desire to be bold, breathe bold, exist bold, live bold. If you desire to be bold, you can keep sitting on the couch watching American Idol and never going out to an open mic night yourself. To be, you must do.

If you want to be wealthy, breathe wealthy, exist wealthy, live wealthy. That means taking notice and giving appreciation for all the ways you already are wealthy. That means you see yourself as wealthy and more wealth comes to fruition, all kinds of wealth – relationships, finances, ideas. I have a wealth of ideas and that leads to my wealth of finances. I have a wealth of connections and that leads to my wealth of finances. See how it works?

What do you want to BE? Breathe it, exist it, live it. Now.