A thing of beauty…

Christopher Morley said, “In every man’s heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibration of beauty.” Amen. On the last day of our recent extended hotel stay, I had to wait for Prince Charming to get off work. I had ants in my pants, and they were doing a dance. I had no concentration for my work, for reading, for a movie.

I’d enjoyed the three weeks away, and I’d done very well in our makeshift home away from home. I also realized I like my pretties.

A hotel room looks like a hotel room looks like a hotel room. Standard bedspreads. Standard pictures on the walls. Standard furnishings. All good and fine, yet I craved beauty.

It is a happiness habit that I teach: “Surround yourself with beauty.” My home is a reflection of what I find beautiful. The hotel room was not.

I had to break free. I packed up the last of our stuff and went wandering until Mr. Charming was ready for pick up. My car, my SOUL, is a thing of beauty. The speakers light up and pulse to the music. I have a tiny chandelier hanging from the rear view mirror. I’ve had it a long time and it still makes me smile.

Driving through neighborhoods calmed me. Old Victorian homes always send a thrill through me. Some people just love old houses. I’m one of them.

The town is a mix of old and new, nice and not so nice. It is AnyTown, USA. I had only been there three weeks, yet I had a slight affection. At least an appreciation.

The little downtown was quaint and I drove slowly up and down the blocks making sure that I had hit all the shops that had appealed to me. Still with time to kill, I got out and strolled.

I stepped into a place filled with pretties. Romantic clothing, home furnishings, books, candles, ahhhhhh. My soul inhaled long and deep, and exhaled “Thank you.” Pretties, pretties, everywhere.

My head maintains a constant dialog and I asked myself if I was just a material girl. Not at all, was the reply. Your soul craves beauty. Don’t be ashamed of that. Natural beauty and man made beauty.

I concurred. I love the great outdoors and it is my joy to live among trees, squirrels, and turkey. I also love art, architecture, and Old World Charm. Emily Dickinson said, “Beauty is not caused. It is.”

It is. It just is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and let us all behold. I see beauty and it fills me up. Beauty feeds the soul, nourishes, uplifts, encourages, soothes, heals. Beauty is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Beauty does not have to be expensive. Beauty’s where you find it. It’s everywhere. I like simple things. I like frilly things. I like sparkly things. I like understated things. I like antique things. I like modern things. I like beauty.

Beauty. Ahh…. thank you.

Dante said that beauty awakens the soul to act. I agree. A dip in beauty and I was rejuvenated. The ants had left my pants and I was whirring with ideas for all kinds of creative projects, for home and for work. I felt calm and peaceful. My agitation had subsided. Beauty. I was basking in appreciation and anticipation.

My heart answers to the vibration of beauty. All hearts do. Surround yourself with beauty, today and everyday. Bits and pieces for you to behold. You will feel calm, you will feel uplifted. You will feel. Beauty. Ahh…. thank you.

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