Does sunshine in your eyes make you cry?

I’m listening to John Denver again. If he was still around, he may or may not be making the rounds of “has-beens.” He may have created more music and stayed in the limelight. It doesn’t matter. He’s gone; his music lives on.
The liner notes of this “best of” CD state that his style of sappy, heart on his sleeve songs were mocked all throughout his career, and he didn’t care. He was the softer side and his success proved that people liked heartfelt, simple songs.
People still do.
In any era, there is harder music, dancey stuff, obnoxious stuff, and sappy songs about the emotions we go through in life. As Paul McCartney sang, “You’d think the people would have had it with the silly love songs. I look around me and I see it isn’t so.”
We like the sweet songs. Even heavy metal bands often have their biggest hits with the love ballad.
If you had to make a list of your top ten favorite songs of all time, it’s my guess your list would include some simple, sweet, sappy stuff. Have you ever done that? Made a list of your favorite songs? It’s pretty hard to keep it to ten.
Sometimes I like one line of a song. Sometimes I like the feel or sound of a song, but not the words. There are many songs that I love that don’t apply to my life situations, but I love the song just the same.
You may or may not like John Denver. No big deal. Listen to the radio for a day and count up all the artists that you hear. You probably don’t like them all, but you are glad to hear plenty. We need variety. We need the snappy songs and we need the sappy songs. There is a place for all.
Prince Charming and I listen to the music channels on our television and we marvel at the vast array of music styles that come at us from the 70s channel. There is no one defining style of that or any decade. The love songs roll after the funk which plays after the disco which is followed by rock…. everything is represented.
We humans are a moody breed and we need different songs for morning, noon, and night and all the hours in between. I get stuck in a groove and play a certain artist for a week and then switch over to something totally different.
The songs of the 70s flow into the 80s and I get lost in Queen and Van Halen for a while. Variety is the spice of life and the music box.
It doesn’t matter what you play; just play something you enjoy. Music does indeed soothe the soul. It can lift you up when you need an attitude adjustment and it can calm you down when you are feeling a little frenzied.
Who lifts you? Who calms you? To each his own, and it can vary any day of the week, or any time of day. There is no size/singer fits all. Look at all the classics we love and look at all the new folks coming on the scene that we love. There is room in our hearts, our sappy or rocking hearts, for all.
Music, lyrics. Does it make you sway or swoon. Does it make you shake your booty. Songs invoke memories and some provoke tears.
Sunshine in your eyes can make you cry or the song may make you cringe. It’s your decision, your play list. Whatever you choose, let the music play on.
(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/coach. Visit www.kellyepperson.com.)


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  1. It makes me sneeze.