Spring break has new meaning for mom of college kids

It wasn’t that long ago that I was the one going on spring break. When I was a junior, one of my roommates and I roadtripped in her little green car. We drove all the way through, from Illinois to Florida, driving and sleeping in shifts. I remember curling up on the floorboard and putting my head on the seat to sleep. I also recall her stereo would rewind directly back to the beginning of a song on a cassette and we wore out Madonna’s “Crazy for You.”

Our spring break week wasn’t the same as most colleges and we did not go to Daytona, which was the crazy place of the era. We were off the beaten path, on the other side of the state staying at my aunt and uncle’s house.

We were not “girls gone wild,” but we were girls who got too much sun by day and drank too much beer by night. Our antics would be called “girls gone mild,” but we had a blast.

Now I get excited about spring break from a different perspective. My babies will be coming home. As a freshman and a sophomore at different schools, I know that their spring break weeks will not always coincide (this year they overlap four days) and that they will not always spend spring break at home.

Right now, they are content to come home, eat, sleep, and unwind. The actual time I get with them will be fleeting. They’ll spend most of the time with friends. They will watch movies and play video games and hang out.

Yet, there will be snippets when I get them in between their comings and goings, and can bask in their delightful silly witty ways. I know I’m biased, but my boys are two of the smartest, funniest guys on the planet.

I love their stories, their delivery, and their interactions with each other. They’ve had their moments of frustration with each other, as all siblings do, but for the most part they have always gotten along. They do now and I trust they will be good support for each other as they continue to enter into adulthood.

Their current version of boys gone wild will be indulging in too much of the home cooked meals and home baked desserts, too much sleep, and too much mindless gaming. They want to spend spring break doing nothing and not having to think.

I’m fine with that. Soon enough, they’ll be taking off to some spring break locale that doesn’t include muffins with mom. And soon enough, they’ll be out in the “real world” and spring break will no longer exist.

I remember my first job out of college. I was working at the IRS and feeling very antsy when March came along. I had spring fever and wished desperately that the government believed in spring break for all new hires.

Who knows what the future holds for my fellas. All I know is this spring break, they are coming home. One comes via plane, one comes via car. They both will come with laundry.

I will tell them stories of my spring break when we got so sunburnt, we put Noxzema all over our bodies to cool us down. My sons won’t know what Noxzema is. They will grab a cookie and head out the door.

Glad to simply have them home for a little while, I will replay the cassette in my mind. The lyrics don’t apply, but the title does. My precious sons, I’m crazy for you.

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/book coach who helps people birth their books. Visit www.kellyepperson.com or call toll free 888-637-3563.)