Do you feel free?

Do you feel free?

Most people are not really free. They are confined by the niche in the world that they carve out for themselves. They limit themselves to fewer possibilities by the narrowness of their vision.” ~V.S. Naipaul

Do you feel free?

When is the last time you said, and believed, “Anything is possible”?

We do tend to confine ourselves by the narrowness of our visions. It’s not our fault really, it’s the way of our culture. We are taught to “Don’t get your hopes up” or to “Be realistic” or “Stay grounded in reality.”

Not such great advice.

Stay grounded in your reality, your vision for yourself, your great big dreams. That’s the anchor you need. Get your hopes up and do something “realistic” to take you there.

Anything is possible for those who dream – and do. You can dream of being an astronaut, but it also requires that you work your butt off to get into the space program. You can imagine being a stand up comic, but if you never take an improv class or write material or go to open mic night, you will stay stuck in Imagination Land. You can envision yourself in any career or capacity, but then you have do something about it.

First we dream, then we do.

People are afraid to dream. We are trained to stay small, to get along, to get by, and just exist. Blah. Where’s the fun in that?

When you expand your vision to anything’s possible, you start to receive opportunities. You then have to accept the opportunity before you. I know people who dreamed of a better job and then it came along, yet they were afraid to accept it and talked themselves out of it. “I would have a longer commute.” “I would have a change in my hours.” “I would have to take a class and learn something new….”

What it comes down to is “I would have to meet new people, learn new things, and see new places.” Hmm, isn’t that part of the adventure of life?

We carve out a spot where we tell ourselves it’s safe. We convince ourselves this is enough. If you are happy with that, I give you my love. If you know you want more, please hear me. I’m talking to you. Anything is possible.

Close your eyes and see your name on that book cover. See your bank account with more zeroes. See yourself standing on the stage sharing your heart and your message. See yourself on the beach with your sweetie pie watching the sunset. See yourself on a gondola in Venice. See your smiling face wearing that cap and gown, or wedding dress, or holding that baby.

I am continually in awe of the unfolding of possibilities. It’s always our choice to open up to them (even if it seems a bit scary) or we can close ourselves off. The latter is the road most taken. Playing it safe is how we are taught. I don’t think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah, or any actor, singer, performer, athlete, author, speaker, inventor, leader,business owner, or anyone you admire, got there by playing it safe.

The child who dreamed of a being a preacher, a teacher, or a fashion designer, had to open up to the possibility and then do something about it.

You may have been raised to limit yourself to few possibilities. That was then, this is now. Now it’s up to you. The only binds now are the ones you put on yourself.

“Most people are not really free.” What about you? Ready for more?

Allow yourself. Carve out a new niche for you. Let me know the possibilities that await!