Do you read the signs?

Do you read the signs?

I have a sign over my desk that was a gift from a friend. You’ve seen these kinds of things everywhere. The long list of phrases to inspire. I dig this kind of stuff.

I glance at it every day, yet I rarely take the time to read it. Today, I share it with you, with my running commentary.

“This is your life. Find a passion and pursue it.”  I’m doing that. Reading and writing are my passions, and I help others pursue theirs via this route. Check.

“Fall in love.” Check. That is a story for another day, but believe me when I say, I am so glad I lived this long so I could know this kind of love. My husband is a dream come true, and even better.

“Dream big.” This one gives me pause. I allow myself to dream big and then I put on the brakes. And then I relax and dream big, and deep, and wide. And then I put on the brakes. Anyone else with me on this? I am learning to let off the brakes. (Again, this a discussion we will revisit.)

“Believe in magic.” Lads and laddies, I sure do. “Tell stories.” Absolutely. Our stories bond us, connect us, heal us. It is my passion.

“Travel often.” I do, I do, I do. I love to travel. I’ve yet to tire of airports and people watching. I love the discovery of new places and people. It feeds my soul and opens my mind.

“Learn more.” I am an information junkie. Being a life-long learner keeps us young, alive, and joyful. I really do learn something every day.

“Be creative.” I love this one. We are all creative. We simply express in different ways. I am creative at the keyboard, my hubby in the kitchen (and everywhere. I awoke to a new poem on the bathroom mirror.) Let your creative juices ooze. Don’t be shy.

“Love with all your heart.” We are sometimes timid to do this. We fear. We are afraid to give our whole heart because someday they will leave or die. Yes, they will. People leave us. Right here, right now, love with all your heart. Be it your partner, your family, your friends, your job, your hobbies, your whatever. Love. Love. Love. Love is bigger than fear. Just be love. You won’t regret it.

“Be true to who you are.” This is a kicker for many. Some people are still figuring that one out. As I type, I find myself wanting to expound on each of these sentences. To thine own self be true is wisdom for every day in every way. This sign above my desk is not just cute or trendy. It’s the gist of a happy life.

“Smile often.” I work at home alone. I don’t know how much I smile. I am going to do the pen trick (pen between my teeth horizontally) to keep my face muscles in proper position.

“Be grateful.” Those who know me know that I teach gratitude. It’s the #1 happiness booster. If you want more tips here, I’ve got more books and programs and workshops coming. Gratitude changes your life. I am so thankful for you.

“Follow your dreams.” This ties in with Dream Big. We have to do more than dream, we have to act. You can dream about being an actress, but if you never go to an audition, it isn’t coming true. Dreams that come true lead to more dreams. Trust me. So do something to follow the first dream.

“Try new things. Work hard.” Yes, enough said. Dreams + work = A crazy fun happy life.

“Be happy. Live for today.” That sounds easier than it really is. Sure, I am happy. I write on happy, I teach happy, I am happy. The live for today part catches me sometimes. I get a little caught up in my errors of the past and my to-do list of the future. I know I am not alone. As I focus on today, be grateful for today, and working hard today and keeping my dreams my priority, it falls into place. It requires reminders. Gee, I have one right over my desk.

The last statement on this sign says, “And above all, make every moment count.” This is where the editor in me kicks in. If I was the creator of the sign, I would have ended with BE HAPPY. LIVE FOR TODAY.

That is where I will leave you. Post your inspiration above your desk and actually read it from time to time. Read it aloud with hand on heart. Let me know in a month how things are shifting for you. Glimmers of those dreams starting to materialize? Big cool things happening fast? Let it all in. Believe in magic. Tell your story.