Living light and living large, I love it all

Prince Charming and I recently finished another three-week stint away from home. This time we had an apartment. It was cute, filled with natural light, and super-dee-duper clean. My home-away-from-home standards were fulfilled.

Every time I travel, I am reminded how little we need in this life. A comfy bed, a comfy couch, a comfy kitchen table. Check, check, check. Toilet, shower, appliances. Ditto. It’s amazing how simple life can be if we let it.

Dishes can be washed daily. I’m sure I knew that in a past life, like when I was growing up. This place had a dishwasher, but with just four spoons in the drawer, I would need a spoon again before the dishwasher was full enough to run. Doing my dishes once or twice a day takes three minutes. I didn’t have to clean this place, but it wouldn’t take much more than three minutes to vacuum, dust, and clean the sinks. There’s comfort in that.

We do not live extravagantly by any means, yet it’s refreshing to see how much we don’t have to have. Our cupboards at home require careful arrangement to fit all the pots, pans, and lids without creating an avalanche when removing one. At the apartment, my limited choices made it easy and calming. How many pans does one really need anyway?

There was one large chopping knife. In theory, that’s enough. At home, we have three different sets. There was only one steak knife. Two would have be good, but for a limited time, sharing one was kind of fun and funny.

My brain automatically went to what would I do if I lived there. I would decorate. It’s lovely and neutral because it’s a rental. If it was home, we would make it dang cute with our style, aesthetics, and sense of beauty. That’s a no brainer.

I surveyed the space. One more bedroom would be nice if it were home. That way I could have an office and a guest room. And more closet space.

That’s the kicker. I realize how little space I need, and yet I realize how much stuff I have. Aforementioned pots and pans aside, I have lots of kitchen stuff and I don’t even like to cook. I have several sets of dishes because they are all pretty. I have tons of glassware because I like different drinks in different feeling glasses.

Would I adapt to drinking to water, wine, and juice out of the same style cup? Perhaps. I think  would instead add more shelves or cupboard or a cute cabinet. Stuff begets something to hold that stuff. (George Carlin, anyone?)

I only brought a few outfits this trip so sharing the closet was fine. At home, our walk-in closet overflows plus we have two other closets in our bedroom too. I would need to figure out how to store clothing. The answer is less clothing, I know.

I don’t have to think it any further because this was just a temporary stay. At home I have my cupboards and closets, and I’m glad for them. I love my pretties. I also know that there is a fine line between having beautiful things and having too many things, no matter how pretty.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to tackle that just yet. When I do, you’ll be the first to know. For now I love idea of the simple ease of living light. Who knows, it might just rub off on me.

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/coach who helps folks birth their books. Visit www.kellyepperson.com or call toll free 888-637-3563.)