Oh the places we go! What fun!

Prince Charming and I recently were in San Diego, and my man arranges the grooviest surprises. We went kayaking. In the ocean. In La Jolla. We saw caves and coves and seals. Or were they sea lions? We had a dolphin with us on the way back. See, I told you – pretty groovy.

When we first landed and leaving the airport, my astute husband said the shape of the trees reminded him of Dr. Seuss. When we were out paddling in the ocean, our tour guide pointed out the house of Theodor Geisel, yes, Dr. Seuss. He had lived on the La Jolla cove and the surroundings did provide him inspiration.

Our guide also said Mrs. Geisel (the second one; the first one died in 1967; he remarried in 1968)is still alive and drives a silver Rolls Royce around town with the plates SEUSS. I was on the lookout for her the rest of the day, but alas, she was safely tucked away from this raving fan. If I read the internet accounts correctly, (and if the internet accounts are correct), she is 92.

Mr. Geisel bought that house when it was a ramshackle fixer-upper. Or so Wikipedia tells me. It is now a multi-million dollar property.

Theodor Geisel was just a guy. He wrote lyrical stories and drew weird drawings. He started using the name Seuss in college when he got kicked off the school paper for being a wise guy. His pseudonym stayed with him.

Many writers know that Dr. Seuss was rejected many, many times before a publisher would give him a chance. Now he’s a household name and many parent curses him when their child asks for “Fox in Sox” one more time.

Schools and libraries across the country honor him each year on his birthday with reading events. Major theme parks have Seuss areas where the rides and events are colorful whimsy. All ages appreciate what he created.

I often quote the man. His book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” is required reading in my joy programs now and a frequent gift for any occasion. Births and graduations are especially appropriate. Now as many of my friends are entering a new phase of life, I think retirement is another time for this book.

Theodor Geisel was unique. He wasn’t doing what everyone else was doing. He gave us something new and it has become part of our culture. He was just a guy doing his thing. He never imagined that someday there would be Seussical The Musical. Well, maybe he did.

You too are unique. You’ve got stuff in you that sings, dances, rhymes, pantomimes, makes you don wings and take some chances. Perhaps you bake a cake, or craft a raft, or design a combine. You can do a jig, or rig a rig, or dig-dig-dig.

Don’t aspire for the house on the ocean. Aspire to do what you love to do and that’s how you get the other stuff. Seriously, people do things for the joy of it, because they have a desire to express their thing in their way. Big ideas lead to hard work and then comes the fulfilling part. Changing people lives.

That’s when the money comes. A Rolls Royce may come too, but that is the byproduct of success. The heart of the matter is sharing your heart. Sharing your heart is the start of all starts. Be it art, ala carte, or an acting part. Just start your start!

Oh, the places you’ll go!

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/coach who loves Dr. Seuss. Visit www.kellyepperson.com. For help birthing your book, call toll free 888-637-3563 or info@kellyepperson.com.)