There is room for joy, we just don’t see it

We’ve lived in this house for about a year and a half now. We love our trees and the critters. We made the mistake of putting out sunflowers seeds for the turkeys this winter when the snow was piled high. They then camped out in our yard and made our front porch their hang out spot. I wouldn’t mind except for the plethora of poop on the porch.

They’ve since gone back to their usual ways of roaming the neighborhood and stopping by our yard for a visit and then moving on. It was fun for college boys while home on spring break to sit nose to beak through the glass door and talk turkey. Neither college boys nor turkeys cared to clean up the droppings though.

Even though we’ve been here a while, I am still and always exploring the property. I notice new things in the yard all the time. What’s funny to me is that I noticed something new in the room I sit in every morning, my sun room.

This little room is my haven. I eat my breakfast (yogurt, hemp hearts, granola) here most mornings as I survey what’s going on outside. The trees, even naked, are beautiful and have a calming effect on me. The squirrels have stayed out year round and now birds and chipmunks have returned. We have said turkeys and an occasional bunny rabbit.

When I sit in this room of windows, I usually am looking outside. This is also our television room. We rarely watch TV but Prince Charming and I snuggle here when we watch movies. So then the lights are low and attention is on the big screen. Or on each other.

Rarely do I turn my gaze on the room itself. There’s not much to look at. So I was tickled last night when I noticed a nail on the wall. There is not much wall space in this little room, it is mainly windows. I had tried to hang a sign with the word JOY on the TV wall when we moved in but the spacing wasn’t right.

The only other spot was the light switch wall and that space was too narrow. Said sign stayed plunked on the floor, strategically placed at an angle like it was meant to be there, decorating the floor with joy.

You know how after you move in and after the flurry of painting, decorating, and arranging, things just stay where set them. You don’t pay so much attention anymore. You get used to living in the space and life moves on.

Last night I looked up and on the window wall, in the part that is wall, was a nail centered perfectly and the width of the space was perfect for my JOY sign. We hung it up and it seems to be a custom fit. I laughed because I am in that room every day and had never noticed that nail.

Life is funny that way. What we need, we already have. We just don’t see it. There is room for joy. We just don’t see it. It’s been there all along. I just was looking elsewhere.

Now when I look at the sign at the wall, I am reminded to relax and open my eyes to all that is here, and has been here all along, and I just never noticed. Love, joy, wealth, abundance. It’s here. All I have to do it is see it.

(Kelly Epperson is author/speaker/coach who helps people find their joy in writing their books. Call toll free at 888-637-3563 or write info@kellyepperson.com.)