A borrowed back scratcher brings joy

There really aren’t too many things that I have borrowed and never returned. I don’t borrow much in general, except for the old joke about borrowing a piece of gum. No one has ever wanted that back.

The only item that I have in my possession that is not rightfully mine is a back scratcher. I love this thing.

I borrowed it from my older son once years ago. I can’t recall where he got it. Some vacation place. Maybe the store at Lambert’s Cafe in Missouri.

Do you know that place? It’s the home of throwed rolls. Yes, that’s their slogan. And yes, they throw rolls at you. Servers walk around in overalls with piping hot fresh baked rolls direct from the oven. You raise your hands up in the air, and bam, they whip a tasty bun at you.

Throwing rolls may seem strange, but this restaurant has a line a mile long of patrons waiting to get in. If you are in the area in the summer around meal time, plan on at least an hour wait. While you have someone keep your place in line, you can wander to the gift shop. See if they have back scratchers.

If so, get me one. I’ll pay you back. Cross my heart. I have never borrowed money and not returned it. I would like my son to have a back scratcher while he is at college, but parting with this one here is too hard for me. Did I mention I love this thing?

When I first tried it, I agreed with him that it was the best invention ever. I kept in my office and told him he could use it, of course, whenever he wanted. I would keep it handy near me so it would never get misplaced.

Since I work from home alone sitting at my desk all day, the simple joy of a back scratch is pure heaven. The itch always come in the place you can’t reach. Whoever invented the back scratcher I salute you.

The design is simple, yet fine craftmanship. It’s about two feet long. Lightweight wood about a quarter inch thick. It looks pretty much like a 5-tined fork and the tines are curved up at the bottom just right to give perfect back scratching itch relief.

I would venture to guess that the carver experimented with how far to curl up those tines. I would love to be helper for trying out back scratching prototypes. “This one is too harsh. This one is too wimpy. This one is too rough. This one doesn’t reach. Hey! Eureka! This one is just right!”

Being an old fashioned romantic girl, I envision some delightful old guy in the hills carving these and soaking them so he can roll the end around something round to turn up the tines. If they are made in China, please don’t tell me.

When my son left for college, I may have offered him the back scratcher. I may not have. I really don’t remember.

I use it every day and smile every time in gratitude. For the designer and the boy who left it in safe hands with his mama. It would be nice for him to have one too. I don’t think I’ll be visiting any gift shops anytime soon. Perhaps the internet can help me out.

If you do happen to driving across the state of Missouri this summer, stop in to the home of throwed rolls. Check out the gift shop. And catch a roll for me.

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is an author/speaker/book coach who finds joy in simple things. For speaking or writing inquiries, contact info@kellyepperson.com or toll free 888-637-3563.)