Avoid the Misconceptions. Get a Real Facial

NighingaleIn my 24 years as an aesthetician I’ve seen and heard a lot in the beauty industry. In the last two weeks I’ve read of some miraculous discoveries in the war against wrinkles and aging skin! First, it was the Snail Facial. Estheticians in Japan claim by allowing snails to deposit their mucus upon your face & neck your skin will look younger. I try not to imagine the feeling of snails and their little tentacles creeping all over me.

The latest craze is the Bird Poop Facial. I almost upped my oatmeal when I opened my Register Star to read of this great invention! For only $180, the feces of the Nightingale bird, which supposedly only eat seeds and produce a special enzyme, are smeared onto your face. This little secret has been going on in Japan since the 1600’s and this is why the faces of many Japanese women look so young. Most likely, I’ve been told by Asian clients, it’s because they shun the sun and avoid processed foods.

It’s easy to avoid wrinkles & have youthful looking skin. Stay out of the sun and tanning beds, wear a broad-spectrum SPF, use topical products containing AHA’s, retinols and vitamin C, wash your face with a mild cleanser, eat more fruits, vegetables and salmon. Limit your sugar intake. Get a real facial from your aesthetician every 6 weeks. You’ll save a lot of money.