I can’t believe I care. Let’s name the Royal Baby.

By the time this hits print, we will know the name of the Royal Baby. I think they should go with Royal. He could be a royal pain, a royal delight….whatever. Always royal. Works for me.

HRH ROYAL would make cool license plates. The royal nursery could of course be royal blue. His friends when he’s a teenager could call him Roy. It would keep things simple.

But royalty is not about keeping it simple or keeping it real. Their motto is Keep It Royal.

I’m not a Royal Watcher, but I did find myself this past week checking online daily to see if the little royal darling had arrived.

I was sure it was a girl. With the hoopdeedoo about this baby being able to take the crown, no matter what sex, I certainly thought Kate was popping out a little princess. I saw one headline where Will and Kate had made a name change plan to honor the late Diana, so again, I thought a girl.

I hate being wrong.

But in the end, it is for the best. This little Royal Prince will be in the eyes of the media his whole life. That is not easy. For a girl, it would be even harder. The little royal boy will not be subjected to harsh scrutiny on his hair or wardrobe or weight. He will have slightly less pressure because he is male.

I have no royal envy. In fact, I’m surprised at myself for caring. I think Will and Kate are charming, and they married just two days before I did. We celebrated together in Italy for one night as our honeymoons coincided.

Not really.

My Prince and I explored Italy just the two of us and we live a sweet life with no pressure from the queen and no media scrutiny of our body language every time we are out together in public. We hold hands everywhere so the press would get bored with us.

Americans are fascinated with the Royal Family because it is history, story, intrigue, romance and a way of life we have never had in this country. We have a love/hate relationship with pomp and grandeur. We might think it silly, but we pay attention just the same.

Millions watched the wedding of Charles and Diana. I imagine Kate and Will pulled in large numbers as well. I don’t know, I was a bit preoccupied with my own nuptials.

I didn’t tune in to the Diana wedding, but I did to her funeral. I shut off the television at the end when the newscaster commentary started. I simply paid my respects. Diana touched a chord in many women when she became a shy young girl on the world stage. We watched her take on the Princess role and we watched her become a mum.

I do not know if Kate holds the same allure for her generation. What is endearing about Kate and Will is that they actually are in love and care for each other. Theirs was not a manufactured relationship to produce a suitable heir.

We all can speculate about the Royal Ways, and we will never know the whole truth. The Royal Baby was born today and the world is a-gaga. Even people like me who claim not to care are putting words in print over the event. The royals have that power.

No matter what the boy is named, I sincerely do wish them all well. He is the Royal Baby, and I hope they all have a royal good time.

(Kelly Epperson Simmons is called Princess by her Prince Charming. She is an author/speaker/book coach and can be reached at www.kellyepperson.com or toll free 888-637-3563.)