Point of view – got one?

The Declaration of Independence I always considered as a theatrical show. Jefferson ran away with all the stage effect of that… and all the glory of it. ~John Adams

That is a great example of point of view. John Adams looked at the Declaration of Independence through his filter and lens. Thomas Jefferson had his own take.

History is in the hands of those who write it. So is your book.

That era can have fascinating written accounts and all are different because of the point of the view of the author.

Your point of view sets you apart. Your experience, education (formal or otherwise), and expertise are what differentiate you from the others who also write on leadership, love, or llamas, or whatever your topic may be.

In one of my workshops, I show a photo of a pickup truck parked outside a diner and give an assignment to write for ten minutes on that picture. Everyone has a distinctly different point of view. It’s an enlightening exercise for all.

When you hold yourself back from writing because you say there are already a hundred books out there on your topic, I challenge you to declare your point of view. You have a unique way of approaching it or else you would not have the desire to write the book.

We don’t get desires willy nilly. I have no urge at all to write a book on running, weight loss, or real estate. I do have desires to write on writing, joy, and gum addiction. Those are the desires I follow.

When you have a desire to write a book, ponder it. Don’t squash it. Play with it. Ask yourself: Why do I want to write this book? What is my unique approach/method/technique? What would anyone glean from my book that is not already in the bookstore?

Own it. Own your ideas, your brilliance, your message, your mission, your point of view. Maybe you can show busy moms how to be the hit of the class party or maybe you are creating a foundation for a new humanity.

Your ideas matter. Books matter. Your point of view matters.

Develop your point of view. Write it. Your tribe awaits.

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