Lighten Up, Francis

Cut yourself some slack. That is the best advice I can give you. Now and always. In whatever you’ve got going on. Cut yourself some slack.

Or to quote old movie lines, “Lighten up, Francis.”

Oh my dears, we are so hard on ourselves. When it comes to writing or biz or life in general, we drag ourselves into the mire of SHOULD DO, MUST DO, HAVE TO. We compare, compare, compare. And we judge. Ourselves.

We let self doubt take the driver’s seat. We start a never ending to do list and we beat ourselves up for not polishing off enough from the list.

I speak the truth. My truth, and that of so many others that cross my path. Today, and just for today, cut yourself some slack.

Deep breath in. Slow long breath out. Repeat. Repeat.

Your book will get done. The ideas will formulate. The writing will flow. The house will get tidy, the meals will get prepared, the trash will get taken out and life goes on. Your newsletter will get sent out, your clients will get your love, and your QuickBooks will get entered and life goes on. And you know what, life goes on no matter what.

So whatever has you balled up in a fret web, step back and smile. Yes, you. Right now. Smile. Feel those muscles in your face? Go to the mirror. Are you smiling? Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me: Lighten up, Francis.

Now return to the task at hand with a renewed perspective. If that didn’t do the trick, go take a walk. Don’t analyze all what needs to be done in your life, just walk. Let each step be a release. Ten minutes is not too much to ask. If you can take 20 minutes or an hour, wonderful. If not, give  yourself ten.

Today is a beautiful day. Don’t let it slip by you unnoticed.

You have a lot going on and most of it is wonderful and you love it. Yet you still find yourself stressed.

Your sticky note assignment is to write this phrase and post it where you see it: Cut yourself some slack.

When you relax, you get more done. When you tense up, you are less productive. It’s not that complicated but we sure can get tangled up.

Here’s the remedy: Notice the tension. Notice the voices in your head bombarding you. Deep breath. Smile. Mirror. Lighten up, Francis.

Back to it, feeling better.