Musculoskeletal Pain During Pregnancy – You Don’t Have to Live With It!

Back pain and sciatic pain are common complaints during pregnancy.  Fortunately, physical therapy is available to help pregnant patients with these conditions.  Physical therapists trained in women’s health issues, can instruct prenatal patients with safe and appropriate exercises on land and/or in the pool.   Learning safe exercises can decrease the mom-to-be’s stress level and improve overall physical mobility.  Education on proper posture, proper supports to the joints, and proper body mechanics  (learning safe ways to move to protect spine and pelvis) can be included to promote physical well-being and to decrease pain and inflammation.  Partners can be involved and educated on learning manual/ soft tissue mobilization techniques as needed to decrease stress and decrease knots in the patient’s painful muscles.  Thus, learning ways to increase comfort during pregnancy can be very beneficial to the mom-to-be.

Please note:  A pregnant patient wishing to pursue physical therapy needs a physician order.  It is recommended that the referral would come from the OB/GYN doctor.  The physical therapist will work closely with the referring physician.  Any normal pregnancy would qualify for physical therapy evaluation and treatments.  Many insurance plans do cover physical therapy for pregnant patients with musculoskeletal conditions, ie. back pain, sciatic pain, etc.  (Individual plans would need to be checked and verified).  Prenatal patients that are high-risk or on bed-rest will most likely be unable to pursue therapy – however, this would be determined by the OB/GYN.   Thus, some patients on home bed-rest may be approved for manual physical therapy techniques only and allowed to travel to the clinic – this would depend on the condition and recommendation of the OB/GYN.

Bottom line – Pregnancy pains – You don’t have to just live with it!  You can do something about it to make it more tolerable.  Physical therapy can be a helpful tool.