Healthier Rockford

  Most people would agree health is important and people should try their best to promote good health.  Unfortunately, in reality health usually get put on the back burner until a person gets sick.  School, work, finances, fun and life in general always seem to get in the way.  Which is why I was so excited to see most of the teams at the Transform Rockford event last week list health promotion as one of their priorities in their vision for a better Rockford. Communities as a whole can be healthier than other just because of the way they are...

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Would You Benefit from Pelvic Floor Therapy?

The pelvic floor consists of all neurovascular, visceral (organs) and myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) structures that are arranged between the pubic bone to the coccyx bone and laterally between the walls of the ischium. Typically, healthy pelvic floor muscles help maintain normal bladder and bowel function, as well as enhance sexual response.  When these muscles become weak or are in spasm, a person may experience urinary or bowel incontinence, as well as pelvic pain.  If the ligament structures that hold the pelvic organs up are...

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What makes you come alive?

Do you have a favorite song? A favorite singer? A favorite book? A favorite author? A favorite movie? A favorite actor/actress? I cannot pick one favorite in any category. Different songs, singers, books, authors, movies, actors/actresses move me differently at different times. Perhaps I could pick my top ten, yet that would even change depending on my mood. When I’m mellow, I want Little River Band. When I’m mocking melodrama, I want Meatloaf. When I’m feeling my oats I want Billy Idol or Pink. On any given day, I could bounce between Prince...

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What is the color of joy?

As I step into a more vibrant life, I like more colorful surroundings. Not BAM in your face gotta-get-your-attention color, just expressions of some lively fun. I never thought I’d have red furniture. I love it. I eat my breakfast every day on the red loveseat in the sunroom. I look out at the trees, watch the squirrels, and feel peace. Red Couch Conversations in front of the fireplace warm my heart. The walls are a soft lavender, called Elation. It’s what I feel in this house, this life. My friend Artist Angie painted words all around our...

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One Way to Break the Cycle of a Bad Day

When the challenges of life get us going, we can take back the reins of our day and say, “Whoa!” We can put the brakes on our bad mood and we can stop ourselves before we go nuts and punch our computer. Rarely are my frustrations with people. It is the tech stuff that gets me whirring, and not in a revved up good way. It’s more like “Why can’t I figure out how to do this?! Why does this take so long? Where did that go and how can I find it again?!” I hire out much of my techie needs these days, and yet, there is always something I think I...

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“Most Likely to Succeed” at what?

My high school graduating class was over 500 kids. The yearbook selected one boy and one girl as “Most Likely to Succeed.” Does that mean the rest of us were doomed to failure? Of course not. But sometimes we let a certain thought permeate our brain and over the years accept it as a hard and fast belief. For as long as I can remember, I told myself that I can’t sing. Because of that “belief,” it took me 46 years to shed my self-consciousness and sing at a karoake bar because I “knew” my voice was terrible and “I can’t carry a tune.” Letting...

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