Be the Change! Why wouldn’t people choose Rockford as a place to live?

I moved to Rockford in July 2011 and it wasn’t long until I noticed the continued comment, “Why would anyone move to Rockford?”.  I quickly replied, “Why wouldn’t I?”. So I start my first blog tonight to ask the question – Why wouldn’t people want to live in the great City of Rockford?  How is it that so many people are down on our City?  Could it be the continued negative reports of crime, education, weather, housing, diversity issues, or the economy. I am interested to know why its so easy for a population of over 300,000 people in this county to overwhelmingly talk so negatively about the place they live.  My hope in our blog time together is that we get the chance to discuss issues in our community, our city and our county.  Before I begin a series of discussion on why I chose Rockford I would like to hear your thoughts.