Why does the River divide us?

So as I looked deeper into issues that we face in our community it is clear that the divide starts with the River.

I have had the pleasure of meeting great people in our community and the continued question seems to be the feeling that as a community the River is the divide that lies between us.  Some say that if you cross the River you will enter into unknown territory that many seem to fear.  Others say its not the truth and that we can feel comfortable living in any part, on either side.

Is it true that the river has create a divide in black & white?  Could this be true?  Quite honestly I have been accepted no matter where I have gone.

In my last blog post I felt there were many references to crime and moral values in our community (and it seems we are associating some of these references with color).  How can this be?

What I see is people…people who are warm, welcoming, inviting and certainly excited about the opportunities to bridge people together?  Is this an old problem that some of us are still hanging on too?  Could it be that we have let time pass by and given into fear of the bridge that so many have refused to cross.

Help me understand why in 2012 we are still facing issues with race in Rockford.