Calling All Students: YMCA’s 2013 Intern Challenge Auditions

Intern Challenge

Last summer, 13 of our community’s students, aged 16 – 24, came together to raise money and increase awareness for are social service organizations, create marketing and advertising pieces for local businesses and become part of the movement to improve our city and community.  These students were participants in the YMCA of Rock River Valley’s first annual Intern Challenge; a new program that took the basis of the show, The Apprentice, but with community service playing the key role in the projects and goals.

As the program played out, we began to realize that many of the complaints and grievances about Rockford that our young people commonly express began to fade away in the minds of the participants.  Why did this happen?  Because each participant was challenged to become more involved in the happenings and issues within our community. Rather than talking about community problems, they began to develop ideas on how to solve them.  By the time the program had concluded, the idea that in order for community to solve its problems, members of that community must take ownership of the issues at hand, had been reaffirmed.

We are currently accepting applications for interested participants and sponsors for this year’s Intern Challenge.  Information, application and FAQs can be found at http://www.rockriverymca.org/internchallenge/  We encourage all eligible students to apply and attend one of the four audition dates.

9 local companies will also be chosen to “Sponsor” this summers challenge.  To be a sponsor click on the link above and download the sponsor information.  Companies who sponsor the weeks challenge will receive marketing and media attention, help create the project, judge and choose the winning team and take part in the board room experience.