YMCA announces upcoming Board Chair – “The Y. So Much More”

“Mike Broski, President of Entre Computer Solutions starts his volunteer role with the YMCA of Rock River Valley next month.  Broski, will be the official “Chief Volunteer Officer” otherwise known as the Board Chair”

Mike Broski will begin his new role as the “Chief Volunteer Officer” for the YMCA this year.

Beginning in September 2013, Mike Broski will take on his new role as the “Chief Volunteer Officer” for the YMCA of Rock River Valley.  Broski has been involved as a Board Member for the past 8 years where he has been essential in the YMCA’s leadership providing support in fundraising, special events, communications and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Y program.  Broski is no stranger to volunteerism as he moved from his previous role as Chair of the Chamber Board this past year.

“We are proud to have Mike continue his volunteerism in this leadership role”, says David Anderson.  Anderson is the current Board Chair for the YMCA and will continue his leadership as the Past Chair supporting Broski for the next term.  This past month Anderson and Broski along with 10 others attended the YMCA of the USA National Assembly where more than 5,000 volunteers and staff gathered to celebrate, innovate and educate on a much bigger level.  Charged with 100,000 volts of excitement Broski is ready to work hand in hand with the YMCA to educate the community of the Y – which is clearly so much more!

During Broski’s term he will work with us to expand the YMCA beyond its doors at ID Pennock and Northeast.  Working together “Mike and Mike” will begin the first phase capital campaign of $4 million dollars to expand current facilities, reach out to the West Side, complete the Cherry Valley Program Center, expand Camp and continue to provide YMCA resources to other organizations, individuals and families throughout the region.  This next two years will be a time for stability, growth and continued improvement for the YMCA as it strives to expand its collaborations with local organizations, governments and private companies.

Broski is the President and CEO of Entre Computer Solutions, a technology and consulting group that provides solutions to business technology needs throughout the Rockford Region.  While Entre is most known for PC and Hardware Repairs, Cabling and Networking, Web Design Services, Digital Signage, and Wireless Solutions it remains clear that their focus is to educate businesses.  Through Entre powerful business solutions they help companies raise productivity and lower cost, educate on technology issues & advances, provide mentorship to young people entering the IT industry and as many of us know partner and advocate around our community.   For more information about Entre Computer Solutions visit their website at www.entrerock.com