Intern Challenge 2014 – The Heat is On!

Onto week three of the YMCA Intern Challenge, but first a re-cap of week two. The contestants, assigned with the tasks of selling tickets, as well as developing new marketing strategies for the Rockford Aviators baseball team put their best feet forward in order to achieve victory.

Team Torrent, lead by team leader Levi Johnston, came into the board room prepared with many new strategies for marketing the Aviators, mainly focused on the social media aspect. They were well equipped with relevant data in their presentation, and also included a catchy music video that featured Aviators’ mascot, “Rocko” which parodied off of the hit song “Happy”.

Team Progression (formerly team surprise), lead by Jacob Trotter, followed with a similar approach to their marketing strategy, emphasizing the social media aspect, and including a video featuring Rocko. They placed emphasis on connecting with some of the main local sponsors of the Aviators, and created an interactive campaign involving competition between Rocco and “Arvee Eagle” of Rock Valley College.

Although similar, their visions were very different, and the board of judges had to decide which team’s ideas were more marketable as well as realistic. Personnel from the Rockford Aviators were impressed with the new strategies and ideas from both teams, but in the end there could only be one winner. After long deliberation, the judges decided that team Torrent had sealed the victory with their new ideas, organization, and well-constructed presentation.

After meeting with the losing team (Progression), and letting a team member go, the competitors were introduced to their next task. For week three, the competitors were assigned the duty of finding new donors and collecting donations for the YMCA with a goal of $2500 per team as part of a YMCA initiative. As part of this challenge, competitors were promised that if they collectively reached the $5000 mark in donations received, that there would be no eliminations in the upcoming board meeting.