YMCA Intern Challenge Week 4

The stakes continue to rise as week four of the YMCA intern challenge is upon us. With a boardroom meeting on Monday, and another on Friday of this week, contestants have to work quickly and diligently in order to be successful in this weeks assignment.

For their last task, teams were assigned the job of raising funds for our 2014 annual campaign. The bar was set high for the teams to raise $2500 each in order to avoid elimination. Although presentation was part of the judges scoring, what this challenge ultimately came down to was dollars raised, as well as number of donors.

Team Torrent, coming in off of a big week 3 win presented, and admitted to having a slow start to the project, and listed many difficulties posed along the way. They contacted businesses, presented at local churches, and went door-to-door in their efforts to raise money. They were successful in raising close to $1600, and establishing 36 new donor relationships.

Team Progression, with only four team members as opposed to Torrent’s six, came into this challenge the clear underdog. But behind driven team leader Bianca Ojeda, they were not going to let this challenge slip away like last weeks. Team Progression contacted businesses, different organizations, as well as family and friends, in an effort they called “friendraising”. Through a deal made with the “Chipotle” restaurant, they received half of the money on purchases on July 6th, between the busy hours of 1pm-4pm.

In the end, with less members and the odds stacked against them, Team Progression came out on top, raising over $2800, and establishing 50 new donor relationships, keeping them safe from elimination this week.

After a long and heated boardroom discussion, team Torrent had to say goodbye to another one of their members. Then the remaining 9 interns were called together, to be assigned their next task for this week. This new task, set up through the Northwest Building and Trades Commission, is focused on helping the local community through a program known as “Little Free Libraries”.

The interns were mixed up into new teams and assigned the new task of building and placing a “Little Free Library” somewhere within the Rockford community. Each team will be judged on the quality of their unit, as well as the location, and the amount of books they collect. For more information on the Little Free Library program, go to www.littlefreelibrary.org/.