Intern Challenge “Semi-Finals”

The intern challenge is now in its second to last week, with only 6 of the 12 competitors remaining. Last week’s task for BMO Harris Bank went well, with both groups coming up with viable tactics for attracting millennials to the banking industry. Team Progression, led by Tracy Van, came up with the idea of having student ambassadors at colleges and universities to promote the banking industry to fellow millenials. Team Torrent went a different direction, introducing the idea of “guerilla marketing” to the board members, with the idea of a street performance and a viral video.

Team Progression were awarded a clean sweep in all of the judging categories, scoring a 700/700 and leaving Torrent in the dust. When it came down to the board room, the atmosphere was tense. Team Torrent had been confident in their strategy all along, but it may have been their confidence that led to their undoing. With only 4 team members under fire, nobody on the losing team is safe. Ultimately team leader, Andre Agosto was eliminated due to his team’s performance. Also eliminated was Samantha Suby, of team Progression, as this was a double elimination week, and she was voted as the weakest competitor by her fellow interns.

Now as we enter the semi-finals of this competition, the level of competition as well as expectation for the interns has been set extremely high. This week will determine what three competitors will be in the finals next week, and who will be guaranteed scholarship money. The competitors met at the Illinois Department of Health building in Rockford, and were greeted by not only the top executives of the Rockford region, but 5 other branches throughout Illinois as well, including the headquarters in Springfield and Chicago. They were given a rundown of the Illinois Department of Health, what they do and how they function. Then, the interns were assigned their task.

The task this week is somewhat similar to last week’s. The challenge is to create a quality presentation that illustrates new methods of educating millenials on the Illinois Department of Public Health. In this presentation needs to be a professional-quality Youtube video that will be used and sent around by the Illinois Department of Public Health, and broadcasted over their social media platforms..