Next Rockford Announces Platform Endorsement Process

Next Rockford is a grass roots organization comprised of Gen X and Gen Y professionals living and working in the Rock River Valley.  The purpose and focus of the organization is advocating for improvements in education, the business environment, urban development and other issue important to our membership.

Next Rockford has been instrumental in initiatives to bring positive change to Rockford including:

  • Fully supporting the conclusions of the Next Generation Consulting (Rebecca Ryan) study from 2005 for attracting and retaining talent.
  • Advocating for enhancements in the Rockford educational system including geographically zoned schools, well-run charter schools, high-school academies, and the referendum to support 21st Century Schools.
  • Providing knowledge building for voters through candidate forums for local, county, and state offices.
  • Supporting initiatives to attract and retain businesses with a particular focus on a thriving downtown.
  • Volunteering in support of the community through Sharefest,  Carpenter’s Place, and Boots/Socks Drive for Students.

With the new Platform Endorsement Process, candidates for local, county, state, and national offices can provide their endorsement of the Next Rockford Platform.  Endorsement of the platform by a candidate shows their commitment to the common goals and initiatives as well as allowing access to the Next Rockford membership.

More information about the platform and process can be found at the Government Affairs section of the Next Rockford website.