Got a Primary? Vote February 26


In Rockford, there are big challenges as well as big opportunities. 

If you are in Rockford City Council Wards #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, or #11, then shovel off your driveway Tuesday and get out and vote!

Per the Board of Elections, here is a list of the following offices to be voted at the Consolidated Primary Election to the held on February 26, 2013, in the City of Rockford, Illinois. (Here’s a link to all the Rock River Valley contested races.)

1st Ward Alderman

  • Timothy Durkee (R)
  • Brian Jenkins Leggero (R)

2nd Ward Alderman

  • Stan Smith (R)
  • Jamie Getchius (R)

4th Ward Alderman

  • Kevin J. Frost (R)
  • Peter S. Scordato (R)

6th Ward Alderman

  • Leonard (Lenny) Jacobson (D)
  • Vernon Hilton (D)

8th Ward Alderman

  • Nancy L. Johnson (D)
  • Jeanne Oddo (D)

11th Ward Alderman

  • Tuffy Quinonez (D)
  • Karen Elyea (D)
  • Dyanna Chandler (D)




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