Next Rockford tackles Home Rule: 8/15/2013 @ 7:30 am

Next Rockford Meeting

Thursday, August 15, 2013

7:30 am (1 hr meeting)

YWCA (across from Rockford University)




Topic: HOME RULE – Why?  Why Not?  (panel discussion)

When it comes to Home Rule, people tend to fall into one of three categories:

1. People who have heard about it but don’t feel like they understand it completely.

2. People who are strongly in favor of it.  

3. People who are strongly opposed to it.

Educate yourself on this controversial topic as we welcome a panel of experts to discuss the legal aspects of home rule; its benefits and drawbacks; and its impact on communities that have it and on those that don’t. 

Panelists include Paul Arena from the Rockford Apartment Association, who will share the perspective of landlords; Laurie Reynolds, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law, who will discuss the legal issues around home rule; and Trisha Crowley, a retired attorney with the City of Champaign Legal Department and the Champaign County State’s Attorney’s office, who will discuss how home rule functions in communities.

Please note that this is a new meeting date from the typical monthly general membership meeting. Hope to see you there!

Special thanks to Joel Zirkle, Scott Anderson, David Sidney, and Conor Brown for their leadership in this effort. 

Questions?  Call Frank Haney at (815) 979-9121.




  1. AmazingScott

    I am strongly in favor of tarring and feathering any elected official who wastes our time with this nonsense. The current press to mold public opinion is failing miserably despite slanted articles planted in the local media. These turkeys knew what tools they had when they ran for office, so quit with the constant whining about home rule and go do the job. They don’t need home rule, they can bring anything they want to a referendum and let the voters decide. In the meantime they’re wasting precious time as our city is swirling the drain.

  2. Frank Haney

    I guess we disagree and that’s ok. No city has perfect political leaders, press, or citizens. We are no different; however, I still have more confidence in our ability to shape our own future than leaving it to others. I would also point out that we are “wasting precious time” – a perfect example is the length of time it took to enact Reclaiming First as a result of not having Home Rule.

  3. AmazingScott

    lol- and there you prove my point- all that’Reclaiming First’ is is another tax, one that you couldn’t get the voters to approve. Rockford is money-desperate to the point that they will do anything including compromising the ethics of the local daily (which has stopped all critical thinking and just acts as the administration’s mouthpiece) to try and grab a couple of extra bucks to stuff into some crony’s pocket. If we didn’t have gross mismanagement over the past 2 decades that I have been watching we wouldn’t NEED yet another tax. We have a bridge to nowhere, we have a roundabout that no one wants (and the sensible ones won’t ever use, 54% in the poll last week), and we own a hockey team, but we need another tax so that we can upgrade the water infrastructure and we need another tax so that we can fix the roads. The Wall Street Journal says that Rockford’s economy will NEVER come back. Only 5 buildings have been built with private funds in the last 50+ years in downtown Rockford so we need a bunch more tax money to stimulate the building of clean well-lit pawn shops and bars. Will the last one out of Rockford please turn out the lights? You go right ahead and disagree all you want. The only reason you’re in Rockford is because you can’t gt a better job somewhere else. The fact still remains that the voters of Rockford will never ever approve home rule, no matter how much propaganda you shove down their throats. Go ahead, put it to a vote- see what happens. Whatever you do, please stop this useless whining about it and let’s move on to fix some of the problems instead of bemoaning the lack of a tool that you never had and never will have.

  4. Frank Haney

    You have shared a lot of frustrations, many of which have nothing to do with Home Rule. Many of the things you complain about happened without Home Rule. Again, I respectfully disagree with your position on Home Rule as well as your pessimistic view of the future of the Rockford Region. Good luck to you Scott!

  5. AmazingScott

    I think you misunderstand- while those are in fact some of our current frustrations here in Screw City USA they are also excellent examples of the gross mismanagement that is the basis for denying home rule powers to the city. It would be like handing a gun to a robber, and we know better than to do that.