Next Rockford December 11th General Membership Meeting

Next Rockford hosted Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann on Thursday December 11th at 7:30am at Katie’s Cup to speak to the organization about Geopolicing including the pilot effort and it’s results, and the future plans for the effort.


Additionally, the organization had updates on:

  • – A World In Motion STEM program at Floberg elementary.


Next Rockford exists to…..

  • Connect Generation X and Generation Y leaders to one another.
  • Educate our generations on the issues important to the community and to individual members.
  • Once we are connected and educated, successfully advocate for issues important to our generations, members, and community.


Join us on January 8th at 7:30am at Sportscore II for a discussion on Reclaiming First and the updates to the Rockford area sport facilities including Sportscore II and the downtown Ingersoll building.


Questions? Give me a call 815-904-2407.

Scott Anderson