Next Rockford Announces Platform Endorsement Process

Next Rockford is a grass roots organization comprised of Gen X and Gen Y professionals living and working in the Rock River Valley.  The purpose and focus of the organization is advocating for improvements in education, the business environment, urban development and other issue important to our membership. Next Rockford has been instrumental in initiatives to bring positive change to Rockford including: Fully supporting the conclusions of the Next Generation Consulting (Rebecca Ryan) study from 2005 for attracting and retaining talent....

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What’s that Smell? Opportunity!

Have you heard about a new economic development opportunity for the Rockford area that will create nearly $2 BILLION in impact over the next couple of decades?  Sounds good, eh.  Did you know this opportunity will provide hundreds of jobs at an average rate of pay nearly 50% higher than the typical job in Rockford?  Pretty interesting.  What if this opportunity would provide over $100 million in revenue to local government for investment in additional economic development?  Sounds smart.  Wouldn’t it be cool if this opportunity were on...

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You Make it a Great Day

There are a lot of naysayers in Rockford. We all know one. We’ve all heard from one, especially lately. But we also know plenty of people who make Rockford a great place to live, work, learn, and play. There are people who volunteer their time to help others. There are people who donate their money to provide services for others. There are people who teach, people who protect, people who heal, and people who make sure we get to work on time. And there are, of course, people who provide such great customer service, they make you a repeat...

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Rock River Valley Must Express Voter Voice Through Turnout

Every new election and someone is beating the drum for voter turnout.  Of course it’s our civic responsibility.  Of course its what makes America great.  But of course there’s always work demands, kids, and probably some new episode of American Idol that gets in the way.  But, this time it is critical to the Rock River Valley and this time we mean it. We’ve all heard the examples of how our one vote can count.  One more vote in each precinct and a newspaper declaring Dewey president over Truman would have been right.  One...

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Municpal Aggregation Is Race To Lower Rates

Larger businesses have had the power to shop for the best utility rates from multiple suppliers and have been doing so to reap savings through the bargaining power inherit in their larger volume usage.  More recently, individual users and small businesses have been given the right to jump into the utility shopping game but selecting from over a dozen possible suppliers with little to no leverage is confusing and unlikely to lead to the optimum solution.  Those left watching from the sidelines, especially the disenfranchised, are left stuck in...

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Rockford Region Needs to be Cleaner, Greener

The research is clear, being clean and green is important to the economic vitality of a region, and each business. Leading communities pay attention to, and make sure they have appealing streets, pristine landscaping, welcoming gateways and great public areas. Businesses do the same. These areas not only improve the quality of place for local residents and employees, they also make a community more attractive to new businesses, residents and visitors. Great Beginnings: Rockford has many great natural assets including abundant parks and...

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