Next Rockford – Our Year In Review

Next Rockford is an organization that  exists to connect generational leaders to one another, educate our generations on the issues important to the community and to individual members, and once connected and educated, successfully advocate for issues important to generations, members, and the community.  The Next Rockford organizational year runs from October through September making this a great time to reflect on the past twelve months of activities and a great year! Special Event Hosted, with State Representative Sosnowski,  Governor...

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Strolling towards transformation one volunteer at a time

Stroll on State is quickly approaching this Saturday. Last weekend, I had the privilege of working next to 350 volunteers from Heartland Community Church who were committed to cleaning up and decorating downtown Rockford. These community-minded folks used their free time with only one thing in mind; making Rockford an even better place. Together. With all the conversations of transforming Rockford and collaboration buzzing around the city, I feel compelled to chime in on something I witnessed.  I’m not sure when it hit me what was actually...

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Natasha Leggero is not the problem. I am.

I read the article regarding Natasha Leggero and her comments about Rockford.  I disagree with her assessment of our city and our people.  For a comedian going for a cheap laugh, she wasn’t very funny.  But that is not the point. The problem is NOT what a B-level comedian says about Rockford.  The problem is NOT the Rockford paper’s running of a non-news story that gives a voice to a person few in our community know or care about.  The problem IS what we are saying about ourselves right now, right here in Rockford.  The problem IS that many...

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Next Rockford Announces Platform Endorsement Process

Next Rockford is a grass roots organization comprised of Gen X and Gen Y professionals living and working in the Rock River Valley.  The purpose and focus of the organization is advocating for improvements in education, the business environment, urban development and other issue important to our membership. Next Rockford has been instrumental in initiatives to bring positive change to Rockford including: Fully supporting the conclusions of the Next Generation Consulting (Rebecca Ryan) study from 2005 for attracting and retaining talent....

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Votes for arts and infrastructure important to progress

Recently I posted about the importance of the Rockford City Council voting to approve funding for the Rockford Area Arts Council, and for the 2012-2016 Capital Improvement Plan. At Monday night’s meeting, the council unanimously voted to restore funding to the Rockford Area Arts Council. On behalf of the region’s visitor industry – including our partners in arts, culture and entertainment – I want to express my gratitude to the 14 members of the Council who voted in favor of this funding proposal. In each of our lives...

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Push for Casino About More Than Gambling

During his time in office, Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey has commented often that it is up to us, as a community, to “save ourselves.”  We can’t wait for the state of Illinois or the federal government to bail us out of the challenges we face. We can’t wring our hands over our circumstances or simply wait on the sidelines until something comes along to save us.  No, instead, we need to get in the game, fight for our fair share, and develop innovative solutions to the challenges we face as a community. That seemed to be the underlying theme...

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