Next Rockford Meeting – Location Based Scholarships – 7/9 7:30am RPS205

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, July 9, 2015 RPS205, 501 7th St., Rockford, IL 7:30-8:30 am Topic: Location Based Scholarships Twitter Hashtag: #nextpromise Please join us on Thursday July 9th at 7:30am in the 3rd floor board room at RPS205 for the General Membership meeting.  Matt Vosberg, Assistant Superintendent, will provide an update and participate in a discussion on location based scholarships. Next Rockford exists to….. – Connect generational leaders to one another. – Educate our generations on the issues important to the...

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Next Rockford Book Drive Big Success

Dad, what does that sign say? Dad, how do you spell this word? Dad, what does R-O-C-K-F-O-R-D spell? Ok, my 6 year old didn’t ask that last one, but everyone should be concerned about early childhood education in a town like ours. The positive impact that literacy can have on children from birth through elementary school can be life changing. Next Rockford is an organization with a goal of improving Rockford, connecting leaders, and advocating for issues important to our members and the community. Education has been a focus of our group...

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Next Rockford Meeting – 6/11 7:30am YWCA

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, June 11, 2015 YWCa, 4990 E State St, Rockford, IL 7:30-8:30 am Topic: City and County Update and Strategic Plans Twitter Hashtag: #nextcico Please join us on Thursday June 11th at 7:30am at RMAP for the General Membership meeting.  Mayor Morrissey and Chairman Christensen will provide updates on current status, and more importantly, 2-3 strategic initiatives for the City and County. Additionally, we will have updates on: – Location Based Scholarships Next Rockford exists to….. – Connect generational...

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Next Rockford on Downtown Development

Topic: Rockford Downtown Development Twitter Hashtag: #nextdowntown   At the April General Membership meeting of Next Rockford there was a panel speaking on emerging development in Rockford’s downtown.   @LaVozLatinaRkfd for @Next_Rockford mtg on downtown development. #nextdowntown — Wester Wuori (@WesterWuori) April 9, 2015 Dowtown Development discussion. Thanks @LaVozLatinaRkfd for hosting! pic.twitter.com/Hejfat099r — Next_Rockford (@Next_Rockford) April 9, 2015 Joseph James presented concepts including North...

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Next Rockford and Representative Sosnowski to Host Governor Rauner

Next Rockford and Representative Joe Sosnowski are pleased to host Governor Rauner on Thursday March 5 at 4:30 pm at the Prairie Street Brewhouse.  The Governor believes property taxes in Illinois are hurting hard-working families and will discuss his turnaround agenda to empower taxpayers by giving them greater control over government spending and property taxes.  This is one of the ways the ways the Governor believes Illinois can become the most competitive and compassionate state in America. Seating is limited and on a first come basis....

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Next Rockford on Affordable Housing Strategies and Neighborhood Equality

Topic: Affordable Housing Strategies and Neighborhood Equality Twitter Hashtag: #nextneighborhoods   At the last General Membership meeting of Next Rockford there was a presentation and discussion on a hot topic critical to the city of Rockford, the surrounding region, and equitable neighborhoods which affects the quality of life and opportunity for all.  Ron Clewer, CEO of the Rockford Housing Authority, spoke to the organization about the Choice Neighborhoods proposal...

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