Time for Investment in Reclaiming First

If you were anywhere near Sportscores 1 and 2 over the last couple of weekends, you might have wondered if there was a minivan convention in town.  The Rockford Raptors FC hosted its annual two-weekend Puma Cup soccer tournament at both facilities, featuring more than 500 teams from across the Midwest. In and among the many vehicles bearing team logos, the brightly-clad kids and the windblown and sunburned parents was this; the smell of fresh money. That smell came from the ringing of cash registers around the region as the players and their...

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Rockford Region Needs to be Cleaner, Greener

The research is clear, being clean and green is important to the economic vitality of a region, and each business. Leading communities pay attention to, and make sure they have appealing streets, pristine landscaping, welcoming gateways and great public areas. Businesses do the same. These areas not only improve the quality of place for local residents and employees, they also make a community more attractive to new businesses, residents and visitors. Great Beginnings: Rockford has many great natural assets including abundant parks and...

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