Next Rockford on RMAP and Long Range Transportation Planning

Topic: RMAP and Long Range Transportation Planning Twitter Hashtag: #nextrmap At the May General Membership meeting of Next Rockford Michael Dunn Jr. spoke about RMAP and Long Range Transportation Planning.  Next Rockford also concluded the book drive for schools in need with over 5,000 books gathered! Great work by @_weberchris and our members on over 5,000 books gathered for @RPS205 students in need! #nexteducation pic.twitter.com/pTs9utdPHw — Next_Rockford (@Next_Rockford) May 14, 2015 Great to see @iamjohnoliver Infrastructure video at...

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Next Rockford Meeting – 5/14 7:30am RMAP

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, May 14, 2015 RMAP,  313 N Main St, Rockford, IL 7:30-8:30 am Topic: RMAP and Long Term Transportation Planning Twitter Hashtag: #nextrmap Please join us on Thursday May 11th at 7:30am at RMAP for the General Membership meeting.  New RMAP Executive Director, Michael Dunn Jr., will introduce himself, the organization, and solicit input on the development of the Long Range Transportation Plan. Check out the plan and process here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0wf0gh2gxw4n5ra/AADuJgncP6moHfGZvt3EIfGRa?dl=0...

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Opportunity for all?

A recent and widely publicized study revealed the importance of neighborhood and location in the outcomes of poor children.  The study was reported in the New York Times, and discussed in local media over the last week. You can see, yourself, the information for Winnebago County here.  The data shows that a child, born into a household in the bottom 25% of income, has a worse outcome in some places, and better in others. That child, born in Winnebago County, will earn about 9% less income at age 26 than a similar child, also born into...

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Next Rockford on Downtown Development

Topic: Rockford Downtown Development Twitter Hashtag: #nextdowntown   At the April General Membership meeting of Next Rockford there was a panel speaking on emerging development in Rockford’s downtown.   @LaVozLatinaRkfd for @Next_Rockford mtg on downtown development. #nextdowntown — Wester Wuori (@WesterWuori) April 9, 2015 Dowtown Development discussion. Thanks @LaVozLatinaRkfd for hosting! pic.twitter.com/Hejfat099r — Next_Rockford (@Next_Rockford) April 9, 2015 Joseph James presented concepts including North...

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Next Rockford on Rock Valley College Trustee Election

Topic: Rock Valley College Trustee Election Twitter Hashtag: #nextrvcboard   At the last General Membership meeting of Next Rockford there was a forum of the candidates for Rock Valley College Trustee.  All six candidates for the two 6-year terms and both candidates for the one 2-year term were invited to explain their visions for the college and the impact they will have on the board.   Kicking off #nextrvcboard forum. #2015rrvelection @rrstar pic.twitter.com/JHRClHSyXH — Dorothy Schneider (@DotSchneider) March 12, 2015 A lot of...

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Kelley Supports Next Rockford Platform

Kathy Kelley, running for Rock Valley College Trustee, has endorsed Next Rockford‘s platform of advocating for improvements in the region’s business environment, education, urban development, cultural offerings, and civic engagement. “We are actively seeking candidates and elected officials who share our group’s vision for the Rockford region,” says Scott Anderson, Next Rockford facilitator. “We are focused on a number of key areas and are pleased that candidates continue to sign on to the platform.” Next Rockford has this initiative to...

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