Next Rockford Meeting – Elected Offices and Appointed Boards – 8/13 7:30am YWCA

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, August 13, 2015 YWCA, 4990 E State St, Rockford, IL 7:30-8:30 am Topic: Elected Offices and Appointed Boards Twitter Hashtag: #nextseat Have you ever wondered how to get a seat at the table? An elected position or an appointed board? Please join us on Thursday August 13th at 7:30am at the YWCA for the General Membership meeting where a panel including Rock Valley Trustee Ashley Burks, Rockford Alderman Tom McNamara, and Winnebago County Board member John Sweeny, Jr. will share their experiences about the...

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Opportunity for all?

A recent and widely publicized study revealed the importance of neighborhood and location in the outcomes of poor children.  The study was reported in the New York Times, and discussed in local media over the last week. You can see, yourself, the information for Winnebago County here.  The data shows that a child, born into a household in the bottom 25% of income, has a worse outcome in some places, and better in others. That child, born in Winnebago County, will earn about 9% less income at age 26 than a similar child, also born into...

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Next Rockford and Representative Sosnowski to Host Governor Rauner

Next Rockford and Representative Joe Sosnowski are pleased to host Governor Rauner on Thursday March 5 at 4:30 pm at the Prairie Street Brewhouse.  The Governor believes property taxes in Illinois are hurting hard-working families and will discuss his turnaround agenda to empower taxpayers by giving them greater control over government spending and property taxes.  This is one of the ways the ways the Governor believes Illinois can become the most competitive and compassionate state in America. Seating is limited and on a first come basis....

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Next Rockford Calls to Action on Downtown Train Station and Amtrack Service

Next Rockford Call to Action Topic: Downtown Train Station and Amtrack Service Twitter Hashtag: #thrivingdowntown   Next Rockford has initiated Calls to Action in support of a downtown Rockford train station and Amtrack service. First, members and the community are encouraged to read and understand the issue:   Lots of reporters here today! This is great news for Rockford, IL, do you agree? #rockfordil #amtrack #metrarail pic.twitter.com/knS2r3NsvY — Winnebago County (@WinnebagoIL) April 10, 2014   Expanded train svc could help...

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Four reasons for a Fair Tax

When Illinois rewrote its State Constitution in 1970, the drafters included language requiring that all income be taxed at the same rate.  This was a popular stance at the time – when income inequality was low, serious pension obligations were a generation away, and medical costs were a fraction of what they are today.  Things have changed. Sometime before the end of this spring’s legislative session in Springfield, the House and Senate will vote on whether they should put before the voters an amendment to the State Constitution which...

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Fair Share – Property Taxes Funding Education

In the mix of dealing with the State’s broken pension system, unfunded liabilities, and unpaid bills there is another matter that should be at the forefront of conversations – education. Funding for education has grown rapidly over the years.  Taxpayers are feeling the hit.  The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) 2012 Annual Report indicates that since fiscal year 1993, state, local and federal spending (adjusted for inflation) has grown more than 73 percent.  Illinois taxpayers do not need graphs, in-depth research or reports to...

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