Next Rockford December 11th General Membership Meeting

Next Rockford hosted Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann on Thursday December 11th at 7:30am at Katie’s Cup to speak to the organization about Geopolicing including the pilot effort and it’s results, and the future plans for the effort. Learning more about geographic policing at @Next_Rockford this morning. #nextsecurity — Kevin Vest (@CoachVest) December 11, 2014 Bringing together team in pilot district with unity of command has meant quicker and more effective response. @Next_Rockford #nextsecurity — Wester Wuori (@WesterWuori)...

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Boylan and Auburn; Football, Leadership, and Rockford

There has been much conversation this fall about Boylan Catholic and Auburn High School’s football programs.  This includes who coaches what team as well as the role of sports in the education process.  Recently, at a Next Rockford Membership Meeting, one RPS 205 Assistant Superintendent stated that sports is the “front porch” to the school itself.  He said that sports is not the foundation of a school but that it allows on-lookers from inside and outside the community a glimpse of what the school is all about.  Some will...

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School Referendum is About Community’s Self-Confidence

Next Rockford recently issued an official endorsement of the Rockford School District referendum that will appear on the November 6 ballot and donated $5,000 to the campaign supporting its passage. Its members, who represent a cross-section of local business and industry, are confident that the initiative is the right project at the right time. You can read more about the details of the proposed $139 million bond issue by visiting the Better Schools Brighter Future website or by becoming a “friend” of the campaign on Facebook....

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Time for Investment in Reclaiming First

If you were anywhere near Sportscores 1 and 2 over the last couple of weekends, you might have wondered if there was a minivan convention in town.  The Rockford Raptors FC hosted its annual two-weekend Puma Cup soccer tournament at both facilities, featuring more than 500 teams from across the Midwest. In and among the many vehicles bearing team logos, the brightly-clad kids and the windblown and sunburned parents was this; the smell of fresh money. That smell came from the ringing of cash registers around the region as the players and their...

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