Fighting Crime, Fighting Drugs?

Today I read two articles which gave me quite a bit of cognitive dissonance.  One was this column in the Rockford Register Star about the recent meeting held by Senator Dick Durbin, and others, on reducing crime in Rockford.  The article, and others before and after the meeting, describes both the “get your act together” message and the focus of the problem — gangs, guns, and drugs.  Mention is made that Rockford is a distribution center for drugs on their way to Chicago or Milwaukee, and that this is a big part of our crime problem. ...

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It’s structural racism, people . . . . less about judgment and parenting.

(note, always true and especially for this column: I speak for myself, and not for Next Rockford or anyone else).  When I was in my senior year of college in a very small town, my housemates and I would throw large parties.  Sometimes the neighbors would call the cops, and they’d come to tell us to turn it down.  Inevitably, when the cops pulled up, some of the younger attendees would flee – run off, for fear of an underage drinking citation.  The police would laugh.  Not once did they chase them down, or draw their weapon.  Indeed, one...

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