Potential Purpose Built Community for Rockford

Topic: Purpose Built Communities Twitter Hashtag: #nextpurpose At the January General Membership meeting of Next Rockford a panel consisting of Paul Logli, Jim Keeling, and Gary Anderson discussed a current and relevant topic,  Purpose Built Communities and the potential for Rockford.   Next Rockford General Membership on Purpose Built Communities. Thanks for hosting @RockfordHousing ! #nextpurpose pic.twitter.com/IzVMQo7rnL — Next_Rockford (@Next_Rockford) January 14, 2016 Purpose Built Communities panel of Keeling, Logli, and Anderson....

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Next Rockford – Our Year In Review

Next Rockford is an organization that  exists to connect generational leaders to one another, educate our generations on the issues important to the community and to individual members, and once connected and educated, successfully advocate for issues important to generations, members, and the community.  The Next Rockford organizational year runs from October through September making this a great time to reflect on the past twelve months of activities and a great year! Special Event Hosted, with State Representative Sosnowski,  Governor...

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Next Rockford on Downtown Development

Topic: Rockford Downtown Development Twitter Hashtag: #nextdowntown   At the April General Membership meeting of Next Rockford there was a panel speaking on emerging development in Rockford’s downtown.   @LaVozLatinaRkfd for @Next_Rockford mtg on downtown development. #nextdowntown — Wester Wuori (@WesterWuori) April 9, 2015 Dowtown Development discussion. Thanks @LaVozLatinaRkfd for hosting! pic.twitter.com/Hejfat099r — Next_Rockford (@Next_Rockford) April 9, 2015 Joseph James presented concepts including North...

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Next Rockford Downtown Development Forum

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, April 9, 2015 La Voz Latina, 730 N Church St, Rockford, IL 7:30-8:30 am   Topic: Downtown Development Twitter Hashtag: #nextdowntown   Please join us on Thursday April 9th at 7:30am at La Voz Latina for the General Membership meeting.  We will have a panel of speakers representing architects, developers, and City of Rockford representatives who will speak to us about downtown development projects emerging over the next 12-24 months. Additionally, we will have updates on: – A World In Motion STEM...

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Next Rockford on Affordable Housing Strategies and Neighborhood Equality

Topic: Affordable Housing Strategies and Neighborhood Equality Twitter Hashtag: #nextneighborhoods   At the last General Membership meeting of Next Rockford there was a presentation and discussion on a hot topic critical to the city of Rockford, the surrounding region, and equitable neighborhoods which affects the quality of life and opportunity for all.  Ron Clewer, CEO of the Rockford Housing Authority, spoke to the organization about the Choice Neighborhoods proposal...

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“Equalized Assessed Value” and the tyranny of unasked questions

There is a well-known parable which goes like this.  Once, a man was walking along the river when he saw a small child struggling in the waves.  The man immediately jumped in and rescued the child, bringing her to shore.  But then he saw another child – he jumped back in, and cried out for help.  Others came, and soon the people realized that child after child was coming down the river.  The people formed a human chain, and rescued each and every child.  A woman came along, and seeing the rescue operation, started running upstream.  A...

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