School Referendum is About Community’s Self-Confidence

Next Rockford recently issued an official endorsement of the Rockford School District referendum that will appear on the November 6 ballot and donated $5,000 to the campaign supporting its passage. Its members, who represent a cross-section of local business and industry, are confident that the initiative is the right project at the right time. You can read more about the details of the proposed $139 million bond issue by visiting the Better Schools Brighter Future website or by becoming a “friend” of the campaign on Facebook....

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Tried and true, or shiny and new?

It must be nice to be a newspaper columnist.  Back in May, Chuck Sweeny wrote about how the Rockford Public Schools need to lower the tax rate.  That “district taxes can’t keep going up forever.  It’s counterproductive.  [It will lead to] a downward spiral from which recovery is impossible.”  But in this morning’s paper, Mr. Sweeny argues for a school construction plan that would only be possible with dramatically higher taxes.  You can’t have it both ways. Mr. Sweeny proposes we should “replace at least two high schools, maybe three” with a...

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Rockford Region Needs to be Cleaner, Greener

The research is clear, being clean and green is important to the economic vitality of a region, and each business. Leading communities pay attention to, and make sure they have appealing streets, pristine landscaping, welcoming gateways and great public areas. Businesses do the same. These areas not only improve the quality of place for local residents and employees, they also make a community more attractive to new businesses, residents and visitors. Great Beginnings: Rockford has many great natural assets including abundant parks and...

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