Next Rockford Hosted new Chief of Police O’Shea

Topic: New Chief of Police Daniel O’Shea Twitter Hashtag: #nextchief At the July General Membership meeting of Next Rockford the organization hosted new Rockford Chief of Police Daniel O’Shea. General Membership meeting with RPD Chief of Police Daniel O’Shea. pic.twitter.com/is7jliKL3e — Next_Rockford (@Next_Rockford) July 14, 2016 On track to solve every homicide, O’Shea said. 13 so far this year. 17 last year … Only 2 solved. #nextchief @Next_Rockford @rrstar — Anna Derocher (@annaderocher) July 14, 2016 Nice...

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Next Rockford – Our Year In Review

Next Rockford is an organization that  exists to connect generational leaders to one another, educate our generations on the issues important to the community and to individual members, and once connected and educated, successfully advocate for issues important to generations, members, and the community.  The Next Rockford organizational year runs from October through September making this a great time to reflect on the past twelve months of activities and a great year! Special Event Hosted, with State Representative Sosnowski,  Governor...

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Next Rockford Meeting – 6/11 7:30am YWCA

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, June 11, 2015 YWCa, 4990 E State St, Rockford, IL 7:30-8:30 am Topic: City and County Update and Strategic Plans Twitter Hashtag: #nextcico Please join us on Thursday June 11th at 7:30am at RMAP for the General Membership meeting.  Mayor Morrissey and Chairman Christensen will provide updates on current status, and more importantly, 2-3 strategic initiatives for the City and County. Additionally, we will have updates on: – Location Based Scholarships Next Rockford exists to….. – Connect generational...

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Opportunity for all?

A recent and widely publicized study revealed the importance of neighborhood and location in the outcomes of poor children.  The study was reported in the New York Times, and discussed in local media over the last week. You can see, yourself, the information for Winnebago County here.  The data shows that a child, born into a household in the bottom 25% of income, has a worse outcome in some places, and better in others. That child, born in Winnebago County, will earn about 9% less income at age 26 than a similar child, also born into...

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Next Rockford December 11th General Membership Meeting

Next Rockford hosted Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann on Thursday December 11th at 7:30am at Katie’s Cup to speak to the organization about Geopolicing including the pilot effort and it’s results, and the future plans for the effort. Learning more about geographic policing at @Next_Rockford this morning. #nextsecurity — Kevin Vest (@CoachVest) December 11, 2014 Bringing together team in pilot district with unity of command has meant quicker and more effective response. @Next_Rockford #nextsecurity — Wester Wuori (@WesterWuori)...

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Next Rockford to Discuss Geopolicing

Next Rockford Meeting Thursday, December 11, 2014 Katie’s Cup, 502 7th St 7:30-8:30 am Topic: Geopolicing Twitter Hashtag: #nextsecurity   Please join Next Rockford on Thursday December 11th at 7:30am at Katie’s Cup for the General Membership meeting.  Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann will speak to the organization about Geopolicing including the pilot effort and it’s results, and the future plans for the effort.   Additionally, the organization will have updates on: – A World In Motion STEM program at...

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