Learn more about the Common Core

Do you know what the Common Core is and why you should care? If you answered no to both questions, you have a lot of company.

At the beginning of the school year, Education Week posted a story about the majority of Americans who knew little or nothing about the Common Core.  Awareness was only slightly higher among parents with children in school.

Common Core flip charts used by teachers in the Rockford Public Schools.

Common Core flip charts used by teachers in the Rockford Public Schools.

The Council of Great City Schools, a support and advocacy group for urban public schools, has a three-minute video explaining the Common Core State Standards. Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Ehren Jarrett says the video is worth a look because it sends a very clear message, understandable to non-educators.

The standards have become a political flashpoint in many states but, at their core, they are about building skills in critical thinking and giving students tools they will need for life.

Give them a look. Start a conversation with your kids, with their teachers and at your school. Care about the Common Core.

Mary Kaull is communications coordinator for the Rockford Public Schools. She has the Common Core State Standards for kindergarten math down pat but starts to run into trouble in Grade 3. What exactly is a rhombus again — and why isn’t it like any other quadrilateral? Anybody? Anybody?




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