Froberg School ‘lucky’ with $5K Crayola Donation

Froberg Elementary School students helped Principal Christina Ulferts unpack $5,000 worth of donated school supplies and art materials Wednesday morning.

The students know they’re lucky.

“It is Christmas, but better!,” said 9-year-old Jessica Perez. “Merry Christmas, Froberg!”

Fifty-some boxes were donated to Froberg and delivered this week after a former Froberg family won a Crayola sweepstakes and selected Froberg as the winner.
Mrs. Ulferts asked some lucky fourth graders to help her unpack the supplies Wednesday morning. You name it, it was there: paint, crayons (neon, metallic and multicultural versions), colored pencils that work like watercolors, glue, dry erase boards and markers, modeling clay and more.

“So all this was donated?” asked Jessica. “What did we do?”2014FrobergCrayolaSLIDER

Mike Cross and Lindsay Bade won a Crayola back-to-school sweepstakes, and their daughter, 11-year-old Emily Cross, attended Froberg for prekindergarten, kindergarten and first grade. Mike Cross said selecting Froberg to benefit from the grand prize was easy. Emily loved her teacher and the Froberg staff, and she was excited to go to school each day. Froberg gave his family the best school experience, Cross said.

As Mrs. Ulferts unpacked materials, she told the students about Emily Cross and the family’s decision to choose Froberg.

“We’re lucky,” said 9-year-old Tiondra Henry.

Each student picked a favorite tool – and they’ll be able to use them in school, too, Mrs. Ulferts assured them. Tiondra’s choice: a virtual design pro fashion collection – a collection of all sorts of crayons, colored pencils and markers with computer software. Cierra George was excited to use the twistable slick stix – a super smooth crayon. Vincent Osorio wanted to know more about the marker maker, while Gage Eaton cradled some model magic. Mahari Taylor wanted to use the dry erase light-up board. Jessica – the student wondering what they did to win such a prize – was looking forward to using the dry erase board.

“Maybe someday you could win something for Froberg,” Mrs. Ulferts told the group.

Cross and his family hope to make it to Froberg soon to see the excited students, happy art teacher and all the donated materials.

“We’re very happy that it went to Froberg,” he said.

Cathy Bayer is a communications specialist for the Rockford Public Schools.
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